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OCTOBER 13, 2023 – The October report came in at 3.7%, just below my forecast of 3.8%. The 3-month annualized inflation rate is 3.6%. The 6-month annualized inflation rate is 4.0%. These figures bracket the annualized rate (3.7%) and thus indicate the annual CPI should not change much.
Based on the data, my prediction for next month’s figure is 3.6%. I think this might be a tad low. But, it would surprise the market to see it tick down.
The December and January reports should show annual CPI for 2023 to be above 4%. That should not make the Fed happy. At least one more Fed Fund Rates hike seems certain.
Shalom and Prayers to my Brothers and Sisters in Israel.
The Mann


AUGUST 31, 2023 – As we end August, a quick look at what the market is telling the Fed to do at its September 19-20th meeting. 3-month and 6-month Treasury Bills are yielding 5.56%-5.58%. The Fed Funds Rate is at 5.25%-5.5%. That is saying not to raise the rate. However, it wouldn’t take much for those rates to get to a point where the market says to raise rates by another 25bp.
For awhile the market has said no change in September and a 25bp increase in December. That seems to still be the case. We will see if anything changes over the next few weeks.
Have a great Labor Day weekend.
And good riddance to July and August!
The Mann


OCTOBER 16, 2022 – First, a moment of silence for Marie Antoinette who was beheaded on this day in history. Would it be appropriate, or not, to honor her by having a piece of cake….but, I already digress:)
I have never tried to forecast inflation. I have probably made a forecast on most everything. Just not the CPI.
But, as it is just numbers. And I LOVE numbers. I figure what the heck.
After doing my analysis by hand (as always…I am not into spreadsheets and so on….the old-fashion way works best for me), my forecast is for annual CPI to end 2022 below 8%. For a range, I say 7.6% to 7.8%.
I am looking at below 7% (say 6.7%) at the end of the first quarter in 2023. And below 6% (say 5.9%) at the end of the second quarter in 2023. After doing my research, I have to say it is insane to try to forecast inflation more than a quarter out.
I guaranty that I have not looked at anyone else’s forecasts. I don’t know if anyone forecasts inflation rates 3-9 months out. So, pure coincidence if you have seen anything that is around my numbers above.
Also, those numbers will do nothing to keep the Fed from raising rates by 75bp two more times. Please remember, as I have posted here forever, the MARKET will tell you how much rates are going up. The Fed has FOLLOWED the market 100% of the time. The Fed never makes the decision. The market tells the Fed what to do and when.
Hold on….did you feel that….I bet you did….my outdoor thermometer just went from 72.6 degrees to 72.4 degrees. Wow, the climate changed!
Ooops, I did it again (hats off to you Britney)…I digressed again.
My last note is regarding our ONGOING recession. ((Someone please tell Jamie Dimon, who said we might enter a recession next year, that we have been in a recession ALL YEAR!)) With the stock market hitting new lows recently, the current economic downturn is now forecast to extend thru the 1st Quarter of 2023. Additional lows in the stock market will continue to push that date out.
Oh, one other last note. The US Dollar either has, or will within the next few weeks to a month, put in a MAJOR top. I don’t know how a weaker dollar plays into your world. But, something for you to consider.
And that gets me all caught up on all my forecasts. The inflation one won’t be near as easy as the housing one was in June. Some forecasts are easy. Some are difficult.
We shall see how the above turns out.
The Mann