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MARCH 22, 2024 – The following is from an article by Gabriella Cruz-Martinez of Yahoo Finance on March 21st:
“Sales of previously occupied US homes gained momentum in February as buyers accepted the new normal of higher mortgage rates.
Existing home sales surged 9.5% in February from the month before to an annualized rate of 4.38 million, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported Thursday. That was almost 6% higher than a year earlier and marked the largest monthly increase in a year.
Sales picked up last month, even as mortgage rates flirted with 7%.”
My June 15, 2023 post titled “CAN PEOPLE AFFORD 7% MORTGAGE RATES?” appears to have been accurate and played out as I predicted. I will simply show a few quotes here. You can revisit the post if you want to read it in its entirety.
A side note, the S&P HomeBuilders Index is at all-time highs. It is up almost 75% since the October low. Even with the supply of new homes soaring, the market has no worries of a housing bust occurring this year.
The Mann
Excerpts from my June 15, 2023 post:
JUNE 15, 2023 – YES! The simple answer is, of course!
I saw a survey this week where people said they needed mortgage rates to drop to about 4% for them to afford a new house. As my friend The Red-Shoe Economist, KC Conway, would say ‘I call BBQ-Sauce!’
People can afford a 7% mortgage rate. They can afford a 10% mortgage rate! Us old-timers remember when a rate below 10% was a bargain.
By this time next year when the world realizes the day of artificially low interest rates is history and will not return, they will simply adjust to living with 7%-8%+ mortgage rates and supply and demand analyses will work the same as they did before. People adjust. They always have. It’s just easier to complain before facing reality and adjusting the way they do things. Human nature.