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JANUARY 8, 2024 – I am providing a link to an automotive expert that has obviously been around the industry for ages. It is good to see more facts about how EVs are destroying this planet. I would ask for us to seek a ban on them. But, I know that is unrealistic and anti-free market. It is good to see the consumer not support this woke movement that is hurting the environment, increasing costs for the common person that cannot afford higher and higher car prices, and lining the pockets of the rich. One more movement that robs the poor to give to the rich. And people fall for it again and again. Truly sad. I will now get in my 2003 Diesel 2500 truck and just ride around for an hour doing nothing but feeding CO2 to the area trees:) Someone has to help the environment! Viva La Petro!


Amazon has switched back to diesel and now Hertz back to gas cars. Bravo to them!


The Mann