February 17, 2017 – I received the following question:

QUESTION:  I had an appraisal/FDIC interpretation question in regards to the $250,000 transaction value from fil10082a and thought I’d reach out and see if you could provide any input.

Example:  An individual identified a situation where there’s an existing $1,300,000 loan and a borrower is requesting another $200,000 for improvements.  Is the “transaction value” (as defined in FDIC fil10082a) $200,000, which is the new subsequent request OR is it equal to the new exposure of $1,500,000?  All else equal (market values have held, no material property deterioration, etc.), no new appraisal would be required if the transaction value is under $250,000.

Any input you could provide would be appreciated.

ANSWER:  The transaction amount is the total $1.5 Million.

Assuming no change in market conditions or collateral protection, an evaluation is permitted and an appraisal is not required.

However, you should consider getting an appraisal if there were potential credit risk management concerns.

Also, regulators want banks to have a policy on when to obtain appraisals even though an evaluation is permitted.

ADDITIONAL NOTE – There is no dollar threshold for loan renewals, refinancings, or subsequent transactions.  The $250,000 and $1,000,000 thresholds only apply to New Loans.