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R.I.P. KYLEE – December 15, 2012 to May 1, 2023

The last dog I will ever have had to be euthanized this afternoon. Other than the time I was away at college I have never been without a pet. And most of the time the pet was one or more dogs. But, the pain of putting them down is beyond what I can take.
Kylee lived a hellish life as a puppy being on a short chain the first 18 months of her life. The SOB’s own mother turned him into authorities so Kylee could be taken away. She then spent the next 13 months at the SPCA. No one wanted a large adult dog. We saw her several times at PetSmart when the local SPCA would have an adoption event. Finally we adopted her.
She was a Chow/Retriever mix. I didn’t know Chows are the most aggressive breed of dog. But, they have been trained in China to be warrior dogs for 5,000+ years. I was cautious at first. But, she soon became my shadow and was always very loving.
She had about 8 years with us. I think she loved every minute of it. I know we did. I know I spent most of my evenings sitting in this chair doing appraisal reviews while she was on a dog bed next to me. I will miss that more than I can ever imagine.
I can only sit here and think I am without a dog….such a hollow feeling.
The book Heaven Is For Real changed my life 10 years ago as I was told about it by the vet that was putting my dog Wiggles down (Wiggles was classic as she had escaped from the University of Georgia research lab and lived in the wild for probably a year before finding my step-daughter’s farm). In the book (and future movie) the kid said he saw dogs when he was in Heaven. Ever since I constantly prayed that I will get to see the 8 dogs I have had as an adult in Heaven across that Rainbow Bridge. And the two amazing dogs my step-daughter had. It is what I live for.
As I wrote 5.5 years ago when Sox was put down, hug your family and pets. They matter more than anything else in this crazy sick world.
Godspeed Kylee, my 7 other dogs, and all animals on this planet.
I miss you girl….