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MARCH 12, 2023 – Worldwide Carbon Dioxide emissions hit another record high in 2022. Plants, and the people and animals that eat them, gave thanks to all of us that do our part to increase Carbon Dioxide emissions.
In the article (link below) it is laughable that the world needs to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030. With it increasing every year, I would bet emissions will be HIGHER in 2030 than 2022. All of the efforts to reduce emissions, ESG bull*&*(, etc. have failed. They will continue to fail.


It is time for these people to simply admit it is too late to save the planet (in their eyes). Stop creating programs that simply increase costs for the poor while the rich make money off of them. As they say, follow the money. The masses are being used under the false guise of saving this planet.
For those that are Chirstian, Jewish, or Muslim, you already know how the story ends. Humans are on this planet (sorry, Musk, we won’t be living on Mars in the end) until the end of existence. The planet obviously takes care of itself and humans do not get wiped out by warmer temperatures in the future.
The best way to deal with a climate change hoaxer is to just tell him/her that it is too late. Tell them to get over it. Find another hoax to waste their time on.
Viva La Petro!
The Mann