AUGUST 18, 2022 – Everyone wants to know what this cycle’s The Big Short is. This time around it is subprime auto loans. Albeit, it is also prime auto loans.
Currently, 15,000 vehicles are being repossessed every day. The expectation is more vehicles will be repossessed this year than were sold in all of 2019!!!
I can go on and on about this significant crash. But, it is just easier to tell you to go to YouTube and search for Lucky Lopez and listen to his videos.
The bottomline is there will be LOTS of deals in the car market over the next 2 years. He notes it will take about 6 more months before this is seen everywhere.
I have found only one stock that could be shorted – Credit Acceptance Corporation (Symbol – CACC). It is down this year. But, simply about the same as the overall market. It will be interesting to see how it does over the next year.
Enjoy this video with Danielle DiMartino Booth and Lucky Lopez. As I mentioned in a separate post, I think Danielle’s service is the best out there.

The Mann