UPDATE JANUARY 19, 2023 – A reader sent this link about Double-U. Very interesting.

The Grammarphobia Blog: Not every “uu” is a “double-u”

JANUARY 16, 2023 – I thought I would start posting the random things that come to this crazy mind of mine. Might not be a good idea. But, oh well….
First, re our alphabet, without looking anything up on the internet, does anyone know why the letter ‘W’ is pronounced double-u and not double-v? Afterall, it is shaped like two V’s. And it would make since in our alphabet….S…T….U…..V….Double V….X….Y…and Z. So, why not double-v?
Last night this came to mind…why are our letters pronounced the way they are and why aren’t we consistent with such. Forget the vowels for now. We have Be, Ce, De, but why eF, why not Fe? It is Ge. Then the craziest one we have is H….why not He? Where in the heck did Ach come from? Jay should be Je, Kay should be Ke, eL should be Le, eM should be Me, on and on….aR should be Re, eS should be Se like T is Tee. eX is ok. whY should be Ye (not Kanye West, just Ye).
Anyway, doesn’t make sense to me. And I wonder who decided on these pronounciations.
This probably came to my mind because the letter J in German is pronounced ‘Yot’ (long o). Why???
Lastly, I have never forgotten seeing this – ask someone how to write out this sentence…There are three (To/Too/Two)’s in the English language. How is it supposed to be written? Can it be written? I know I just made an attempt. Guess that is how I would write it.
Up for any thoughts you have about the above. Especially why it is double-u and not double-v.
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The Mann