February 12, 2016 – As I sit here on a Friday evening reviewing an appraisal report of an office building in a major CBD, I just have to start sharing my experiences.

This is a $5MM+ property that is 100% leased to several tenants.  Again in a large city CBD.  You get the picture.

As I glance at the Table of Contents, I notice that the Reconciliation is on Page 25.  Only 25 pages to appraise a property of this complexity?

But, it gets better as I look at the Addenda….Page 100 goes by….Page 200 goes by….the report finally ends at Page 245!!!  So, I am about to review 25 pages of analysis followed by 220 pages of who knows what.  This must be a record!

Oh the life of a reviewer…. 🙂