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MAY 25, 2022 – As the expected leftist attack on guns occurs after the tragedy in Texas yesterday, some perspective is needed.
I have long pointed out that cars are FAR more deadly than guns in this country (and the World, I presume). For the past 13 years, at least 600 children under the age of 13 have been killed as passengers in automobile accidents. This excludes those killed while walking or riding a bicycle.
19 deaths by a gun is 19 too many. But, it isn’t the gun anymore than it is the car. When we make it illegal to let kids ride in cars we will save more lives than if somehow we got rid of all 400+ million guns in America!
One more realistic priority is to raise the driving age to 18 years old. This alone will save more teenage lives than anything else we can do.
As they say, taking away my gun because someone else kills people with their gun is as logical as taking away my car because others drink and drive and kill people. Stupid leftist woke logic. Well, that is repetitive:)
Prayers to the families in Uvalde and to those all around the country who lost 118 relatives to a car accident death yesterday. Yes, 118 people on average die every day in America in car wrecks!!! Not every month or so. Every day. Put severe restrictions on driving cars and you will save the most lives.
I am waiting to hear the public call for major restrictions on the use of automobiles. If you care about lives, this is the campaign you will take up. Not complaining about guns.
Lastly, I love the people that cheer the Ukrainian people for taking up guns to defend themselves. Yet, these same people, complain about our 2nd Amendment right to do the same! Your own government is usually your worst enemy. Just ask Ukraine which has been part of Russia for most of the last 1200 years.
Ahhh, but being logical with a woke leftist is impossible.
Shalom and Godspeed,
The Mann


MARCH 5, 2022 – First, I encourage you to visit Sputnik News to get some perspective from the other side. So far, I have found that site to be like the old BBC. Just report the news and leave at that. Not like our Fake News Media and the personal opinions they drown our news in. Not to say, the other side doesn’t do that with many of their news sources, too. Propaganda is the life blood of all sides. Also, I just checked out NewsNation on my cable package and so far I am impressed with it. Nice to just have news reported without an agenda.

As usual, do your own research re Russia and Ukraine. Their history goes back to the 10th Century. For over 7+ centuries Ukraine was part of Russia. The vast majority of Ukraine people don’t speak Russian for the hell of it.

I hear people ask why no one is getting involved in this war. It’s a civil war! No one should get involved in a situation that is not their business. That is why the world watches. Ask Sudan about the same. On and on it goes around this globe. I am not giving my opinion on this conflict. My opinion is not relevant. War is hell and there is no sugarcoating that.

I keep hearing about war crimes. To me that is an oxymoron. There isn’t much about war that isn’t a crime! What I have learned in my lifetime is that whatever us Western Nations do in war is not a war crime. And whatever our opposition does is a war crime:) We are fast to judge others after being the only side that ever dropped two nukes on civilian cities!

I saw a video about some Ukrainian civilians being killed by Russian soldiers. War crime. War crime. War crime. Well, Ukraine told every citizen to take up guns and make Molotov Cocktails. And fight back. Does that not convert every civilian into a militant? Children excluded, of course. If an American soldier was walking down the street of Baghdad and a ‘civilian’ came out with a rifle, what should that American soldier do? So, if civilians are attacking Russian soldiers, how is it a crime to defend yourself and take them out?

I am wondering when our Fake News Media will start discussing how important our 2nd Amendment is afterall!!!!!!!! Ukraine is showing why the public must all have guns! I am sure this war would be over by now if the Ukrainians weren’t armed and fighting back. Albeit, maybe not, as the Russian military is abysmal. They are lucky they aren’t fighting us or Israel. That 40-mile convoy that has been sitting there for a week would have been 100% destroyed by now! Back to the main point – keep buying guns and ammo. Us civilians are the ones that defend our Homeland – whether from outside invaders or internal enemies in our upcoming civil war.

Lastly, a friend asked me this. The Baltic States, Poland, and other countries border or closely border Russia and all have missiles pointed at Russia. What would America do if Canada, Cuba, and Mexico had missiles pointed at us? See Cuban Missile Crisis on DuckDuckGo if you need to find out that answer:) I had a teacher that was on a nuclear sub off the coast of Cuba and he said they got to less than 10 seconds on a countdown to launch missiles against Cuba/Russia. How will America react when Canada and Mexico point missiles at us? You know the answer.

No situation is simple. War is hell. We can be as hypocritical as the other side. Our propaganda is as bad as our enemy’s (our accusations of Russia dropping vaccum and cluster bombs is disgusting….we don’t even say they have most of the time….we say IF they did it is a war crime….we know that just saying that makes the public assume it has occurred….NO ONE knows what has or has not occurred until long after the war is over and investigations are done). Read news from the other side (you don’t have to believe it….just see what is being said).

Lastly, be thankful we live in a country where our homes aren’t hit by missiles every day. I am thankful I will have lived an entire life in a country that didn’t have to fight on its land. 9/11 was an exception. But, that wasn’t an attack by another nation state. We have it so good here.

As I said above, situations like this one are highly complex. I would be glad to talk with anyone about this war. There is alot I have to continue to absorb about it. Trying my best to hear and read from all sides. Luckily I have a few friends with friends in Ukraine and or from Russia. Interesting to hear their perspectives. Give me a yell at GeorgeRMann@Aol.Com

Have a blessed day.
The Mann


MARCH 5, 2022 – A friend shared the above quote by Baron Nathan Rothschild. Nowadays we say buy the rumor and sell the news.
Just as the time to buy oil and gas and all commodities was 2 years ago during the worldwide lockdown. Soon will be the time to buy Russian assets.
I recall people saying I was crazy to buy when oil traded at -$30 a barrel (no one gives credit to President Trump ordering the USA to stock up its oil reserves when the price of oil was so cheap…brilliant move). Exxon traded at $31 (over $84 yesterday). Freeport-McMoran I had bought around $6. Yesterday it broke $50. With virtually every commodity at record highs, I will start to slowly take my cards off the table. You sell when everyone in the world is wanting to buy. As is the case now and for awhile longer.
The challenge will be figuring out when to buy Russian assets. And which ones. Russia isn’t going away. Their oil and gas will be needed by Europe, and others, for the remainder of this century. 25% of the world’s wheat goes thru Russia/Ukraine (that is why the price was up 40% this week!). Even if Russia/Ukraine is limited to trading with China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and other members of that alliance, their companies will come back and do well. China alone has enough people to buy Russian goods forever. Remember, Russia’s economy is only the size of Italy’s. It doesn’t take much buying to support that economy.
The key is figuring out which companies and ETF funds will survive. I remember in early 2009 when Fifth Third Bank traded at $1.01 and I believe Bank of America was below $5. The fear was these banks would not survive. But, if you knew they would survive, you had minimal downside risk. As we say, at those prices it is like buying an option. You are prepared to lose 100%. But, also prepared to hit a 5x or 10x winner.
We are in a similar period for Russian stocks and other stocks invested in Russia. I don’t have definitive answers, yet. But, I think I am getting a handle on what to watch for re the Smart Money. The Smart Money will be investing heavily long before the public, and Fake News Media, know things have turned the corner.
I have long thought about writing a paper about markets that have declined 75%-90%+ and bounced all the way back. Those opportunities occur enough for you to make large killings throughout your life. The key factor is KNOWING that market will survive. The DJIA was going to survive The Great Depression. It declined 89%, but it was going to stay around and rebound. The NASDAQ did about the same in the Dot Com Bubble. There are dozens of such events. There are lots more where the stock went 100% under and did not survive. Again, the key is KNOWING the asset will survive no matter what.
If you are crazy enough to want to invest in depressed Russian assets, stay in touch with me. I am not 100% certain I will dive in. But, I do know this is a rare opportunity to keep an eye on. Rare because many of these assets are down 99% right now.
And, yes, you can tell I am totally against companies boycotting Russia. I have always said corporations owe society nothing. If you want something to help society, that is what Not-For-Profits are for! Corporations need to stay out of politics. In fact, they should be banned from donating to political campaigns. Just make money for the owners, pay your employees, buy supplies from other companies, et al. All of that done ethically and within existing laws, of course.
Albeit, I would say the Russian people are lucky right now to have no Facebook and Instagram and so on!!! That is a dream world! Can you imagine if your kids had no social media to waste their lives on!!!! Your kids had to spend that time with you:) I have a dream….
These are times I live for. I look forward to seeing how this evolves. And possibly, making money off of it:) We shall see.
The Mann