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FEBRUARY 22, 2022 – Hopefully, you are keeping that conversation going about systemic racism against White people.
1. Our country continues to have the MWOB (Minority and Women Owned Business) classification. This legalized racism and sexism must be eradicated if we are to ever have equality in this country.
2. About 17 million Whites remain in poverty. The largest group of people by far. 100% of the time I have brought this up to someone that is pro-DIE (diversity inclusivity equity or is it equality, whatever) they have not said a single word!! Too funny. If you want to improve the overall economy, you focus on this group. Albeit, the focus should be on EVERYONE in poverty. Not groups based on skin color.
3. For the umpteenth year in a row, more White people were killed in police confrontations than any other race. The 2021 total was 201. The second and third highest totals were 117 and 65. No one Says The Name of a White person killed by a police person. No one starts a protest immediately after a White person is killed. No unity until all races are given the same respect!
Two asides re this last item. First, I am pro-police and pro-blue line et al. They risk their lives every day. Regretfully, like every profession, they have some really bad apples. Those people deserve to be punished. I would hazard to guess that a significant majority of people killed in police confrontations deserved it. I am not saying all of these killings were unjust. Just giving the official stats.
Second, do not listen to the BS argument that it is the percentage of a group that should be looked at. For the families of the 201 White people that were killed, it does not matter what percentage of the population that is. Same goes for the families of the 117 blacks. It is the whole number that counts. The same goes for the above poverty discussion.

To change the title of Eric Church’s ‘Stick That In Your Country Song’ – ‘Stick The Above In Your DIE Discussion!’

BTW, why aren’t Jews an official minority? 7.5 millions Jews is far less than the 47-62 million blacks and hispanics. As I mentioned in another post, Jews don’t whine and cry about the 4,000 years of genocide and slavery they have gone thru. They simply stand proud and move forward. Others could learn alot from shutting up and instead working their asses off to succeed in this world.
Enjoy those conversations with the racist woke people you encounter:)
The Mann


JANUARY 8, 2021 – The American Enterprise Institute has published a study about the possibility that appraisers have intentional or even unintentional racial bias.  Their conclusion is:

We conclude allegation that knowing the race of the applicant results in racial bias by appraisers on refinance loans is uncommon and not systemic. This same analysis supports the conclusion that unintentional bias based on race is also uncommon and not systemic.

You can find the article and link to the report at:

How Common is Appraiser Racial Bias?

It would be nice if the racially biased Brookings Institute would issue an apology to the appraisal industry.  But, racists have an agenda and do not apologize.  Thankfully, there is access to actual data and entities like the AEI can analyze and report the facts.

Basically, it is simply impossible for the appraisal industry to be racial or gender biased.  Probably 99%+ of the time appraisers know nothing about the physical characteristics about the borrower in residential transactions.  Also, every appraisal report is reviewed and I would say near 100% of the time the reviewers know nothing about the borrower at all.

AVMs are often used in the residential arena and they know nothing about the borrower nor the subject’s neighborhood, et al.  To them, data is data.  Finding the best comparables is based on analyzing numbers.  That simple.  And for the most part, it is the same for human appraisers.

There is one group of people in real estate that can have significant bias.  I won’t name them.  You can probably figure it out.  There might actually be a few groups involved in this arena that can have bias.  That is not to say it is widespread and rampant.

For those who want to keep the ‘conversation’ going, provide the AEI report.  You will see how fast the other side wants to stop the conversation and change the subject:)

Great work AEI.  I hope they will now do a study about the 20 million whites that live in poverty and see what it is about their neighborhoods that is common and how action can be taken to improve their standard of living….and housing.  At the same time, I am sure those solutions can help everyone that lives in poverty.  Remember, poverty is colorblind.

The Mann