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MAY 25, 2022 – As the expected leftist attack on guns occurs after the tragedy in Texas yesterday, some perspective is needed.
I have long pointed out that cars are FAR more deadly than guns in this country (and the World, I presume). For the past 13 years, at least 600 children under the age of 13 have been killed as passengers in automobile accidents. This excludes those killed while walking or riding a bicycle.
19 deaths by a gun is 19 too many. But, it isn’t the gun anymore than it is the car. When we make it illegal to let kids ride in cars we will save more lives than if somehow we got rid of all 400+ million guns in America!
One more realistic priority is to raise the driving age to 18 years old. This alone will save more teenage lives than anything else we can do.
As they say, taking away my gun because someone else kills people with their gun is as logical as taking away my car because others drink and drive and kill people. Stupid leftist woke logic. Well, that is repetitive:)
Prayers to the families in Uvalde and to those all around the country who lost 118 relatives to a car accident death yesterday. Yes, 118 people on average die every day in America in car wrecks!!! Not every month or so. Every day. Put severe restrictions on driving cars and you will save the most lives.
I am waiting to hear the public call for major restrictions on the use of automobiles. If you care about lives, this is the campaign you will take up. Not complaining about guns.
Lastly, I love the people that cheer the Ukrainian people for taking up guns to defend themselves. Yet, these same people, complain about our 2nd Amendment right to do the same! Your own government is usually your worst enemy. Just ask Ukraine which has been part of Russia for most of the last 1200 years.
Ahhh, but being logical with a woke leftist is impossible.
Shalom and Godspeed,
The Mann