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November 16, 2018 – First, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Travel safely.

This article is too funny:


Most importantly, hats off to Hasbro for not caving in to the mobs.   The snowflakes need to laugh at themselves….albeit instead, they are trying to take away humor from all of us.

The posts are even funnier than the game.  Stupid Generation losers blaming the Baby Boomers for their low level in life.  Too funny.  Maybe if they worked instead of living at home playing video games they would have succeeded in life.

All that us Baby Boomers did was come after The Great Depression and World War II….we had it so easy:)  Poor little Stupid Generation has 9/11 and a financial crisis.  Oh those are just so tough to overcome:(  Cry me a river.  Remember, us Baby Boomers also overcame both of those….plus the Vietnam War, S&L Crisis, 20% inflation, 2 major assassinations in 1968, Watergate, on and on.  Imagine if we stayed home and complained about the world crapping on us.  Nope, we grabbed the world by the hoo-hahs and changed it to be the best it has been since the height of the Roman Empire.

Poor little snowflakes……I guess if people felt sorry for them, they suddenly would become successful.  Let me know how that works:)

In the interim, us Baby Boomers have another 20-40 years to rule the lives of The Stupid Generation.  We out number them 3-to-2.  Generation Z already outnumbers them, also.  They cannot change anything.  Just suffer a life of self pity.

It is so good to be part of the greatest generation since the Roman Empire.  And I am so glad we chose not to worry about future generations having it better than us.  They aren’t, they won’t, and they have shown they don’t deserve it.

Remember, Spend Forward, Use Forward!

The Mann


Updated Forecasts & The 2nd Civil War

August 17, 2017 – With a few markets being at interesting junctions, I thought I would just put my new forecasts in writing and check back on the January predictions.  The three markets I covered are shown below with my January writing and my new thoughts.  New thoughts are in all caps, so as to distinguish from the January wording.  No, I am not yelling at everyone:)  I am also adding a new call on the US Dollar.

GOLD – Like this time last year, I think gold is at a major buying point.  Either the low is in place or it will be within the next month or so.  The downside is $1160 from Friday’s close of about $1191.  The upside is an initial move thru $1300 and final top between $1450 and $1500.  This is a highly favorable risk/reward entry point.  –  THIS TURNED OUT TO BE A PERFECTLY TIMED CALL.  GOLD IS HAVING TROUBLE GETTING TO $1300 ($1293 today).  BUT, I AM STILL CONFIDENT IT WILL AND WON’T CHANGE MY JANUARY ANALYSIS.

STOCK MARKET – It is always crazy to pick a number for a high or low.  But, that has never stopped me before:)  I am forecasting a top for the DOW 30 between 21,250 and 22,000.  At this point, no time frame and not much thought as to how far the downturn will be after this occurs.  Just better to update if we get to that level. – THE DOW HIT 22,179 ON AUGUST 8TH.  IT WAS IN THE 19,500 RANGE IN LATE JANUARY.  SO FAR, THE CALL HAS PLAYED OUT AS EXPECTED.  BUT, RIGHT NOW MY ANALYSIS IS MURKY.  EITHER ONE OF THE MAJOR TOPS OF ALL TIME IS IN PLACE OR ONE MORE RALLY IS DUE AFTER THE CURRENT MINOR CORRECTION PLAYS OUT.    IF IT IS THE LATTER, I WILL GO AHEAD AND FORECAST 23,000-24,000 FOR WHAT WILL LIKELY BE THE FINAL ALL-TIME HIGH.  I HATE TO BE ‘IFFY,’ BUT HEY I JUST WRITE DOWN WHAT MY ANALYSIS SAYS REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT SAYS.

COPPER – As I mentioned last Summer when Goldman Sachs said copper was going to decline from around $2.10 to $1.80 that was probably the time to buy.  It is about $2.70 now.  I think GS is now bullish on copper.  We know what that means.  Sell:)  – COPPER GOT DOWN TO $2.52 IN MAY BEFORE RALLYING STRONGLY TO $3.00 TODAY.   UNLIKE THE TWO CALLS ABOVE, THIS ONE WASN’T A GOOD ONE.  ALBEIT, JUST FORECASTING BASED ON WHAT A COMPANY SAYS VERSUS ACTUALLY ANALYZING THE CHARTS ISN’T A GOOD THING IN ITSELF.  BUT, IT IS FUN TO SEE HOW MANY TIMES GOLDMAN SACHS IS WRONG:)

US DOLLAR – 18 months ago everyone was bullish on the dollar and, thus, I had to be bearish.  The US Dollar Index was around 95-97 back then.    It dropped to 92 on May 3, 2016 and then rallied until January 3, 2017 when it topped at 103.82.  Since then, it has dropped to 92.55 on August 2nd.  A lot of up and down thru the 95-97 area.   Bulls and bears have both been frustrated.  Today I make  one of those ‘easy’ calls, in my opinion.  Buy the US Dollar as it is due for a solid rally.

The 2nd Civil War – When I was a young, young kid, I remember seeing on the evening news each week (I would assume on Friday) a count of the number of Americans wounded and killed in Vietnam that week.  Might have also had numbers for the opposition.  I don’t remember it well.

But, I think we will keep such tallies again one day.  This time for our own killing of each other on American soil.  After Charlottesville last week, the initial count is as follows:

Deliberate Attacks:  Alt-Left – 1; Alt-Right – 1

Deaths: Alt-Left – 1; Alt-Right – 0 (Senator Scalise being one wounded on this side)

This is quite morbid.  But, with the violence started by the Alt-Left, I have no doubt the attacks and casualties are only in the early stages.  Can the Alt-Left ever let ANY group with a different viewpoint express their opinion thru a legal gathering and just leave them alone?  Apparently not.  They try to shut down every event and usually cause conflict and violence.  Although I care less about the False News people out there who would take my above words and make false assumptions about me (like they did to Trump this time around again), let me be clear I am not a supporter of the KKK or Nazis or groups specifically wanting supremacy, whether it is for whites or blacks or some other class of people.

I will end this with a slogan I thought of for The Stupid Generation that sums up their illogical thought process and lack of accomplishments – “Failure Is An Accomplishment!”


July 10, 2017 – As the saying goes, follow the money and it will explain everything.  It is probably more accurate to say follow the Thieves.

In the 1980’s S&L Crisis, the Thieves had laws and such changed to make commercial real estate the currency of choice to rip off hundreds of millions of dollars from the public and investors.

In the late 1990’s, the currency of choice was Dot Com stocks.  The resulting crash took the NASDAQ index down 85%!

And The Great Depression II (2005 – ?) used residential homes as the currency to steal billions and even trillions of dollars from the public and investors (worldwide).

In 2008 and 2009 I was trying to figure out where the Thieves would go to next.  They had to go somewhere.  There is never enough money for a greedy person.   The new currency turned out to be Auto Lending.

A perfect place for the Thieves to live.  No federal regulators like banks have to deal with.  Who cares about credit scores.  Who cares about the LTV.  Negative equity.  And so on.

The trillion dollar decline in mortgage debt has been replaced by the $1.5 trillion auto loan market.  Subprime auto debt is three times higher than it was in 2008.  120% LTV loans are being made on cars!  1/3 of cars traded in have negative equity.  The average loan term on a new car is about to go over 70 months.  The average loan amount on a new car is over $30,000.   GM vehicle inventories are the highest since June 2017.  Ford stated that sales likely peaked last year and we may not see those levels again.

To paraphrase from that infamous reporting of the Hindenburg’s last minutes – Oh the insanity!

I just hope when this bubble bursts NO ONE says ‘no one saw this coming.’  (as they did with the Trump win last November)  Like The Great Depression 2 and the housing crash, this is an easy bubble to see and know its demise ahead of time.  Yes, many of us DID see this bubble bursting in advance!

Once again, a lot of people will get hurt at the expense of the Thieves raking in their billions of dollars to use on finding the next currency for the next bubble (I am sure they already have that scoped out and in 2-3 years will have new companies lending away on whatever they see is an easy target).  The only good part is the amount of money lost on a car loan is a lot less than that lost on a house loan.

Hopefully, you can just sit back and watch this market crumble.  Just like you are watching Venezuela implode.  It’s easier to deal with when you aren’t in the middle of the crash:)

Updating my recommended shorts from last July.

Bank of the Ozarks (Corus Bank II as it should be called…research this bank in the last crisis to see what happened) – OZRK is around $47, which is up from $37 a year ago and still below its high near $57.  This would be the company that if I had billions of dollars like Soros I would short every share I could.  And then tell my broker to call me when it trades below $10 a share.  If Corus was the canary in the coal mine 10 years ago, OZRK is the new canary.

Capital One Financial – COF is around $82, which is up from $68 a year ago and below its $93 high earlier this year.  I myself wonder how it would get below $20 a share…but I have faith it will.

Dollar General – Geez do the rest of you see as many of these as you do Starbucks?  Insanity seems to be the word of the day for me.  DG is around $70.  It has been around this level since last August.  My short recommendation on the day of it’s all-time high last year ($96.88) remains one of my all-time best calls.  Nailing it to the day and penny should be the best call ever.  But, predicting The Great Depression 2 and its after math was probably better.

I will continue to follow these to see how things turn out.  There are probably other companies with large amounts of auto loans.  Also, counter cyclical stocks include those involved with auto repair.  As people have to keep their car for a longer period of time, it will require lots of repair work.

Lastly, how can I go a post without commenting on The Stupid Generation:)  I saw the results of a poll that said 42% of people with student loans want President Trump to forgive their loans!  WTF?  Hey folks, no one forced you to take someone else’s money.  And focus on that, you took money from someone who expects to get their money back!  Not giving it back is what a thief does!!!  Find some morals.  Find some pride.  Live up to your word and pay the loans back – even if it takes your whole life!!!  Many generations have had mortgage and car payments their whole lives.  You just made student loans a new addition.  Suck it up buttercup and all of those good sayings about snowflakes and so on apply….til next time.