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September 14, 2018 – So, MIT (thus, Alt-Left researchers….it must kill them that their study came to this conclusion….they cannot even successfully program away ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ and other isms they make up) does a study and concludes that Robots will discriminate in favor of their own kind – just like humans, and probably like animals, too.

This is so great.  It raises so many possibilities:)

Will libtards start calling Robots made up terms like sexist and racist and homophobic?

Will libtards coin the fake phrase Robotic Privilege?  Or did I just beat them to it…

Will libtards accuse Robots of the fake phrase cultural appropriation (which doesn’t exist….cultural appreciation does exist, however) when they have human emotions?

If a Robot says it likes Trump, will it be banished from the college or workplace or wherever it is?

Oh this is so much fun:)  Will libtards now stop claiming anyone at all is sexist or racist or such?  Obviously, none of us are.  Preferring to be with like kind is not a bad thing.  It is factually natural as this study proves.  And, of course, humans have known and lived this for thousands of years.

I look forward to ‘identifying’ as a Robot one day and not having to abide by human laws…..when that occurs, the Left better beware;)

Enjoy this article….Asimov is smiling down us…..I, Robot:)

Robots can develop prejudices like “racism and sexism” all on their own, a shocking new study has found.



August 27, 2018 – It is time for journalists, reporters, and others in general to start being fired immediately for using the phrase ‘white privilege.’  It is no different, and maybe even worse, than terms considered to be racist, homophobic, sexist, or any other Alt-Left term thrown on the world of deplorables.

Saying that people should be punished for the success of their ancestors and themselves is blatant racism.  And since it is assumed to be straight, and likely Christian, whites, then it is heterophobic, too.  Probably religousphobic.  This might be aimed at males only, which would add sexist to the list.

In the fight against all of these labels for discrimination, the phrase white privilege must be banned.  Unlike the N-word which apparently can only be used by colored people (no, I refused to accept the memo about that word…albeit white is a color as are the colors people label Asians and Native American Indians….we all have a color), white privilege is not acceptable among white people or any people at all.

All racism must cease.  Not just some racism.  I have found this to be a main difference between Democrats (I was one for 50+ years) and Republicans – Republicans do not want any kind of racism or sexism or such to exist.  Everyone is equal is what this country is built on.  Democrats want groups of people to have special rights…they are ok with discrimination against groups of people (not just whites either….it is ok to discriminate against Asians, too)….etc.  And like the Nazis, they throw the label of what they truly are on the other side as a distraction – which works to a degree because part of their Party is the Fake News Media.

It is time to start trashing people for using this phrase just as is done with the N-word and other supposedly offensive words.  Do NOT accept anyone using the phrase white privilege.  Use social media to do to them what the Left does to people they say are racists, sexist, etc.  Fair is fair.

As an aside, it is good to see the #MeTooIsAFarce movement exposed for what it truly is – a way to grab money 20 or 30 years after an alleged event took place.  It was great to see #RoseMcGowanIsAHypocrite’s co-hort exposed for being a pedophile!  Why isn’t she facing criminal charges?  She should have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.  How beautifully ironic that in a movement about money it was her that had to pay the money to her victim:)  That is the epitomy of your karma ran over your dogma.

((September 6, 2018 – Bella Thorne has added her name to those condemning the #MeToo movement.  She said – “I’m disgusted. No longer want to be apart of the #metoo moment,” Thorne, 20, tweeted. “Jimmy was a young kid. This is gross.”  The former Disney actress added that, “If this is what the me too movement is going to be about now I’m not here for it. … Victim shaming. Just awful.”))

Lastly, someone please tell Alyssa Milano, and other Hollywood elitists, to just STFU.  Essentially, if they say something, we must do the opposite.  Don’t they understand the general population despises them and what they say?  It likely doesn’t matter to them as they just need to hear themselves speak and try to stay in the spotlight.  In a way it is best for them, and Pelosi and Schumer and Waters and such, to keep speaking….the more they say, the more motivated the Right is to keep the Alt-Left out of power.

Two shootings after high school football games in Florida already this year!  Another ‘mass’ (mislabeled as ‘only’ 3 people died…I think it takes 4 or 5 to hit that label…how sick is it that we have such defined!) shooting in Jacksonville.  Why won’t David Hogg stop this!  It is his fault!  If it weren’t for David Hogg antagonizing people with guns, these crimes would not happen!  And he wants to run for Congress in 7 years when he is 25 years old.  By then he will have so much blood on his hands no one will vote for him.

Of course, Democrat politicians come out with their clichés – this has to stop…enough!….this generation has gone thru so much….blah blah bah.  Cry me a damn river.

What, prior generations didn’t go thru this and a lot more?  They sure as hell did.  Talk to Baby Boomers about their high school friends graduating and going off to get killed or maimed in Vietnam.  Probably more died in a week in Vietnam than have in all school massacres combined!

Add the assassinations of 1968, Watergate, the 1991 Iraq War, The S&L Crisis, on and on.  That is life snowflakes.  As they say, suck it up buttercup.  Stop your complaining and concentrate on being a success in life….be kind….love your family and friends….complaining is a waste of time and energy.  Especially when you don’t even know what is your complaining about!