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November 16, 2018 – First, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Travel safely.

This article is too funny:


Most importantly, hats off to Hasbro for not caving in to the mobs.   The snowflakes need to laugh at themselves….albeit instead, they are trying to take away humor from all of us.

The posts are even funnier than the game.  Stupid Generation losers blaming the Baby Boomers for their low level in life.  Too funny.  Maybe if they worked instead of living at home playing video games they would have succeeded in life.

All that us Baby Boomers did was come after The Great Depression and World War II….we had it so easy:)  Poor little Stupid Generation has 9/11 and a financial crisis.  Oh those are just so tough to overcome:(  Cry me a river.  Remember, us Baby Boomers also overcame both of those….plus the Vietnam War, S&L Crisis, 20% inflation, 2 major assassinations in 1968, Watergate, on and on.  Imagine if we stayed home and complained about the world crapping on us.  Nope, we grabbed the world by the hoo-hahs and changed it to be the best it has been since the height of the Roman Empire.

Poor little snowflakes……I guess if people felt sorry for them, they suddenly would become successful.  Let me know how that works:)

In the interim, us Baby Boomers have another 20-40 years to rule the lives of The Stupid Generation.  We out number them 3-to-2.  Generation Z already outnumbers them, also.  They cannot change anything.  Just suffer a life of self pity.

It is so good to be part of the greatest generation since the Roman Empire.  And I am so glad we chose not to worry about future generations having it better than us.  They aren’t, they won’t, and they have shown they don’t deserve it.

Remember, Spend Forward, Use Forward!

The Mann