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September 12, 2018 – Hopefully, you have noticed the increase in people that are accused of saying or doing something offensive fighting back and not apologizing.

A jewelry store in New Jersey put up a billboard with a man proposing to a woman and the man is kneeling (as we should when proposing, right guys:) ).  They did a take off of the NFL controversy.  The Alt-Left immediately accused them of being racist (and likely the other 3 or 4 words they throw at everyone they disagree with).  The store owner explained exactly what us normal people understood the billboard to represent and said he would not take it down.  ‘Business is business’ was his response.  Bravo!

Lexington, Virginia is hurting for visitors after The Red Hen restaurant chased Sarah Sanders out a few months ago.   Discriminating against anyone results in some kind of pain.  The Alt-Left is the least inclusive group of people in America and they are finding out the rest of us will make them pay for that.

An Australian newspaper ran a cartoon about Serena Williams hysterical accusation (afterall, both players are women!  so maybe Serena is saying she is really a man?) that the referee in her match was sexist.  Of course,  the cartoon was called racial (granted the referee is Hispanic, Serena is Black, and the other player is Asian!).  The newspaper said no it isn’t and we stick by it.  Yea!  If the snowflakes can’t take it, F*$% ’em.

The t-shirt I wears says ‘Political Correctness Offends Me!’ – and it does!  It offends the majority of people as the Alt-Left is finding out the hard way.

And of course, as we all knew, the Miss America pageant was watched by almost no one.  People have always, and will always, want to see beauty – whether it is in the opposite sex, animals in nature, nature itself, art, anywhere.  We were made to appreciate beauty.  The swimsuit part of the pageant is what guys want to see.  Women I have talked with say they too want to see it.  It doesn’t objectify women any more than when we see a muscular man in a weight-lifting contest or any pro sport or on a beach or a billboard.  I am sure if we had a Mr. America pageant women would want the guys walking around shirtless in a swimsuit.   Here are the pathetic results of the pageant….I will add more to this post as the fight continues.  I encourage everyone to give the middle finger to Political Correctness!