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UPDATE – February 4, 2019 – A good article written by a woman.  The damage will affect at least 2 generations of female workers.  A total shame just because of a desire to destroy the male sex.  But, radicals typically do more damage than good:(


October 3, 2018 – As expected, the #MeToo campaign self-imploded and blew up in its entirety with the scummy attack on Kavanaugh.  #BelieveEvidenceBeforeGender trumps #MeToo.  The Alt-Left continues to think the public is dumb.  But, both men and women saw that the low-life liars brought forward to make up stories about Kavanaugh were just that – lying scum that were being used by the Left.  The Left treated them worse than Kavanaugh or any guy ever did.  It is disgusting how the Left treats women.

In the end, we really didn’t learn anything from the Failed #MeToo campaign.  But, it did reinforce things we already knew.

  1.  #MeToo was about the money.  Once someone is no longer receiving favors from someone else, then they can claim they were harassed or assaulted.
  2. Most of the people who claim others are racist or sexist or such are exactly that themselves.  They are trying to deflect people’s attention from their own wrongdoings.  Asia Argento, co-promoter of #MeToo with Rose McGowan, is an alleged child rapist herself.  Add the President of CBS, Matt Lauer, and many more.
  3. Both men and women get sexually assaulted and harassed.  However, Feminazis and the Fake News Media do not like to discuss the harassment of men at all.  Especially, when heterophobics (aka gay men) molest underage boys and adult men!
  4. Accusers should NOT be believed.  They should have to prove their case.  That is the law in this country.  We are all INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty.  The 3 scum that made accusations against Kavanaugh prove our laws are right in this regard.  And just this headline today – Dentists accused in Las Vegas resort rape case have charges against them dropped   https://www.foxnews.com/us/dentists-accused-in-las-vegas-resort-rape-case-have-charges-against-them-dropped
  5. Per above, and the Duke Lacrosse team and on and on, it is often the accused that is the victim.
  6. All of us still agree that we all have empathy for true victims.  None of us approve of assault or any other crimes.  However, that empathy cannot outweigh the fact we are all innocent until proven guilty.  Feminazis want to change this.  They will fail.  They have only brought harm to those that are truly victims.

I simply suggest that all of us recall a time when we were falsely accused of saying or doing something.  Or one of our loved ones or friends were.  It has happened to all of us more than once I am sure.  Do you recall how pissed you were?  How hurt you may have been?  And how you instantly started thinking of how to defend yourself?  If the accusation was assumed to be right, how did that make you feel?

That is all this comes down to.  What happened if this was you in the hot seat.  Would you not want our law of innocent until proven guilty applied to you?  Yes, your answer is Yes.

And that is why #BelieveEvidenceBeforeGender must be supported over #MeToo.

As a tangent to all of this BS, why do any of us need to hear about someone else’s issues?  Unless you are my family or a friend, I don’t need to know if you got a speeding ticket, your feelings hurt, raped, mugged, a paper cut, or anything.  Who gives a damn if Sally Field or Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah or any of these people had an event occur in the past?!?!?!  It is none of our business.

It is 2018, take responsibility for your own life already!  Kellyanne Conway said it best this week when she said no one else can be expected to help these accusers (they are not victims until they prove their case).  They need to deal with it themselves!

I have had several of the big issues that are being made as ‘movements’ occur to me.  I don’t need to come out and specify them.  I have dealt with them throughout my life.  Some made me better, stronger.  Others probably screwed me up a bit.  That is what makes me who I am and there is no erasing the events that have already occurred.

Another #HimToo article just came out – UNC Charlotte ex-quarterback Kevin Olsen found not guilty of rape, other charges: report


This is total crap that Liberal Brainwashing Institutions can assume these guys are guilty and punish immediately!  I hope he sues them and the State of NC and the accuser (see, she was NEVER a victim…..he was the victim!) for $100 Million.  And people like her should have to serve the prison term that he would have served if he actually committed the crime.  I DO NOT BELIEVE.  I will never believe the accuser…..until they have proven their case.  I live in America.  Not Iran or Russia or any other country that assumes guilty until proven innocent.

Remember, Spend Forward, Use Forward…


March 13, 2018 – How is the (Pound Sign) #MeTooReport20YearsLater! movement doing with Stormy Daniels representing them…..

OK, I sold my body for cash as a career move.

Why? Because I wanted our daughters to see the empowering and diverse career options they have.

I slept around with a married man.

Why? Again, I wanted to show our daughters with my actions how women can be just as unethical as men.

I now want to be able to talk about my private sex sessions with a man and get paid even more money for doing so!

Why?  Our daughters need to understand that they can make millions for being whores and then bragging about it!  Maybe I can call it #MeTooAmAWhore!  Plus, our daughters need to see that there is no glass ceiling any more!  Well, in the porn industry there still is, but it is mirrored;) …



Latest Update – March 3, 2018 – I will continuously update this as I encounter the insanity going on in our country.

Obviously, Godspeed to the families and friends of the 17 people killed in Parkland, FL.  That one sort of hit home when I saw the ambulances from Margate and Coconut Creek.  I lived in the former and attended high school in the latter.  UPDATE – As these entitled punks at the high school in Parkland took a week off to be part of marches and protests and to tell the world they don’t respect people with titles or older than them and that previous generations owe them an apology and on and on, i have gotten over feeling one bit of sorrow for them.  They are typical crybaby snowflakes who don’t know how to handle a bad event and become stronger from it.  If I lived down there, I would be sure to protest their marches and events – I would likely be the only with the guts to do such.  But, poke at the greatest generation to walk this Earth (i.e. us Baby Boomers) and we will stomp you into oblivion!  I will do everything I can to prevent gun control….to convince others to join the NRA and buy guns, especially AKs and ARs…..and virtually anything that is the opposite of what The Stupid Generation snowflakes want.  Thankfully, all of that is easy to do as the 2nd Amendment isn’t ever going to be changed.

I find it amazing how my attitude has changed in just over 15 months.  I used to be anti-gun.  My entire life I was against guns and especially the larger ones that had nothing to do with hunting.  Just killing.

But, once I faced the reality that America has over 300 million guns outstanding and billions of rounds of ammunition, I decided to deal with this in the real world.  Not some fantasy world that America will do what Australia did 20+ years ago and give up its guns.  It won’t happen.

So, I became pro-gun.  Now, I just dare someone to mess with me or my family or friends.  I see the need to have an AR or AK handy.  They can take out a group of armed people coming after you.  And so can some nice Glocks which have no safeties:)

These massacres are not caused by guns.  Without guns, insane killers just turn to vehicles and explosives and so on.  First, eliminate all vehicles since drunk drivers kill more people than probably any other non-disease killer.  Yes, that makes as much since as eliminating guns.  Neither is logical.

Congress doesn’t need to do anything about guns.  Other than protect the 2nd Amendment.  As an aside, they need to do something about the 1st Amendment as (fake) press people do not have to obtain a license and pay for such like gun owners do.  Where is the logic in that discrepancy!  I guaranty that the Fake News Media has done way more damage to this country than guns have or will ever do!

It is laughable to hear all these crying anti-gun people saying we cannot live in a country that allows its children to be killed.  Well, then move to another country!  We won’t be stopping that in this country.  We value our freedom and privacy too much to stop the violence.  Heck, probably every so many days in Chicago 17 people are killed year around.  And that probably goes for it being 14 children that are killed (3 adults were killed in Parkland).  No need to be shocked about Parkland if you aren’t going to be shocked about Chicago.

My pseudo-dad (long explanation) said all along that the problem in America is we don’t realize that almost criminals have a mental problem.  We need to deal with them from that angle.  Not from the angle of incarceration.  He was right.  More and more people are realizing that.  However, we are a long way from being able to either randomly or even mandatorily (probably not a word) put people thru tests to determine if they have mental illness.  If we could do that, then we need the ability to send them somewhere for help.

Could you imagine the outcry if we even attempted to go down that road.  Until you are willing to allow our governments to go down that road, just sit back and accept the violence that is the norm in our country.

On to another subject…

If there are 71 genders (as England now lists), how can women complain that they are not paid equally with men?  Where is the study that shows the average pay for each of the 71 genders?   It is likely men (cis-male as the libtards call us) are paid less than many of the 70 other genders.

(Pound sign) #MeToo should state what it really is – #MeTooDidn’tReportACrime!  What happened to due process?  Some company (likely would have to be private like say Hobby Lobby) needs to stand up and say we are not firing someone who has been accused of sexual harassment 10 or 20 or 30 or even 40 years ago.  Unless you report it when it happens, it should be ignored.

The pitiful excuse that these women (and men) did not report the event when it happened because they were worried about ruining their career is pathetic crap!  When I became a real estate appraiser I was told that if you are working for someone who is unethical it is your responsibility to quit and find a job elsewhere.  In my first 5 years I was unemployed every year.  I even married my boss’ wife!  Guaranteed career killer in my industry.  Yet, I overcame that event to have a successful career.

I went on to work for two horrific financial institutions.  The last one I became a whistleblower and went to various Federal agencies.  As most of you know, I defeated the bastards and cost them over $91 million.  That money came back to us taxpayers.  Being fired by them was a certain career killer.  Being a whistle blower was even more of a career killer.  But, I did what was right at the right moment.  You won’t hear me 10 or 20 or 30 years from now going public with their wrongdoing.    They had their due process.  I risked my entire livelihood.  But, I could look myself in the mirror every day.  Don’t give me the excuse about being worried about your career.  As long as you stay silent, YOU enable the perpetrators.  Maybe they should change the movement name to #IEnabledThem.

The #MeToo movement is backfiring.  Women are realizing that men simply won’t hire women.  Why deal with the culture of assumed guilty when accused because something you say or do is misunderstood as sexual harassment?  It isn’t worth the risk.  I was reading that very few women were in the Super Bowl commercials (it is kind of weird to think I will never see another Super Bowl in my lifetime…..it is great to see the NFL getting killed for caving to the libtards).  Companies weren’t going to risk having a woman in a commercial and social media bashing them for being sexist for whatever reason.  Also, the Pence Rule is taking over and men will not go to lunch or dinner alone with a woman.  Women are going to be left out of more decisions and promotions and so on.  Fair is fair.  People accused of sexual harassment that might have occurred decades ago are not being given due process.  The people making those accusations need to pay for the damage they have caused.

One thing I have learned from the pound sign #MeToo movement is that I should go ahead and sexually harass some people because it will be 10 or 20 years before they tell anyone:)

The requisite comment needed at this time is that obviously I am 100% against anyone being subjected to sexual harassment.  Those that actually have been harassed deserve our support and their harasser deserves punishment.  But, we only arrive at punishment in this country thru due process.  Not thru the assumed guilt that is currently going on.

Has anyone noticed that Nancy Pelosi hasn’t come thru with a #MeToo post:) lol

Some random thoughts…

The people who claim President Trump has mental issues, also claim there are more than 2 genders.  Let that sink in!

Every time you see stories about millions of Americans receiving raises and bonuses due to the Trump tax cut remember this – Not a single Democrat voted for it!

Pelosi and other Dems calling the $1000 and $2000 bonuses given to employees ‘crumbs’ will come back to bite them like ‘deplorables’ did.  The Dems have become the party of the rich.  They are even trying to figure out ways to help the rich in the foreign country of California avoid paying more taxes that resulted from the new tax act!  Amazing how things change.  Dems the party for the rich and the GOP the party for the working class.

Here’s an idea – A reality show where socialist college students are sent to a country that closely resembles their desired political system and left to survive for a few months:)

I continue to encourage the younger generation to forego attending a Liberal Brainwashing Institution (fka colleges and universities).  Either go to a trade school or go straight to work with a company.  All you need to learn you will learn thru work.  You will avoid loan debt.  More importantly, you will avoid wasting time among the least inclusive people you will ever meet – i.e. democrats, libtards…

When will the world realize that ‘diversity’ is not achieved thru skin color or sex or sexual orientation.  Look at the Left.  They think they have diversity because they supposedly have groups of people made up of whites and blacks and hispanics and so on.  However, these groups have no diversity.  Neither are they inclusive.  They have a single ideal.  And they exclude anyone who does not agree with them.  The Left is the closest thing I have seen to the Nazis.  As I am Jewish, I do not use that comparison lightly.

I recently read about some Google app that had something to do with paintings.  People complained that 90% of the paintings with people in them had white people.  As if that is a bad thing.  Any moron should expect such when searching in Russia, Europe, and USA/Canada.  These same dumb asses would likely be surprised if 90% of the people in Asian paintings are Asian!  90% in Africa are black people.  90% in South America are hispanic or whatever the term should be.

Did you see that opponents of the Obama Presidential Museum in Chicago don’t want a parking garage built with it.  Why?  Because it would be for people with ‘car privilege.’  No joke!!!  Well, I am glad I have car privilege.  Even more happy to have luxury car privilege:)  Take that libtards!  I would ask if the Left ever stopped to think how stupid they sound.  But, the answer is obviously no.

Whatever ‘privilege’ you supposedly have, enjoy the hell out of it!  Use it to your advantage.  Have no regrets.  Mainly because there is no such thing!

On another topic – equality.  It has always amazed me that people think we are all created equal.  That we all should be equal.  Those are both dumb and impossible ideas.  Regardless of the item you want to pick, there will always be a number of people better than me and worse than me in regard to that item.  Very few will be equal to me.  I can live with the obvious fact that there are people better than me.  Whether it is intelligence….wealth…..happiness…..whatever.  In my lifetime, that helped me strive to improve myself in regard to intelligence, wealth, success, and so on.  If we are all born equal and must stay equal, why the heck exist!

So, the Alt-Left thought they would ‘prove’ that all races are of equal intelligence.  When the results proved otherwise, they are now up in arms and crying foul.   A high school student in the foreign country of California participated in a science fair and his project was titled ‘Race and IQ.’  My experience with science fairs is your topic has to be pre-approved by the powers-to-be before you can do it.  So, he/she does the experiment and comes up with the following conclusion:

“the lower average IQs of blacks, Southeast Asians, and nonwhite Hispanics means that they are not as likely as non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians to be accepted into a more academically rigorous program such as HISP,” the report said. “Therefore the racial disproportionality of HISP is justified.”

I guess libtards would be surprised by the results.  No surprise to me.  I have long known the Asians are smarter than whites and so on.  So what?  Again, in a measure of intelligence it is impossible for everyone to be equal.  This topic is an example of why the Alt-Left scares me so much.  Like the Nazis, they want to hide the truth…put out a fake front as to how things ‘really are’ and so on.  And trash anyone who tries to speak about the facts.  The facts almost never support the Alt-Left’s agenda, so they use their Fake News Media to promote propaganda.

As for the Olympics, I love curling (UPDATE – America Men’s team won Gold!  Wow!).  I look forward to that single event every 4 years.  In a different sport, I used to be a fan of Lindsey Vonn.  Then she had to go and bring politics into the Olympics and say she was going there for her country, but not to represent Trump.  So, karma bites her in the ass and she doesn’t medal in her first event (she may still medal as she is one heckuva skier).  Social media has fun at her expense and then her supporters blame the Trump supporters for bringing politics into the Olympics!  A typical Nazi trademark, the Alt-Left alters the truth.  If you can’t handle the payback, then next time don’t put your neck out there to be chopped off.

So, at the Oscars (lowest rating ever!  Is the Alt-Left realizing they are in the minority and their opposition is the majority that can make or break any event or organization….first, we gave the Grammy’s near record lows….now the Oscars….Super Bowl was way down) the rich, elitist, ‘entertainers’ that are anti-gun had armed security guards at their event!  Hypocrites is an understatement.  They don’t say they needed armed guards there because there are crazy people out there that might attack them at this event.  Of course, that is the real reason.  Which is the same reason us good guys are pro-guns.  You have to be armed to stop a bad guy.

More as I encounter the insanity of the Left…..