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UPDATE – February 4, 2019 – A good article written by a woman.  The damage will affect at least 2 generations of female workers.  A total shame just because of a desire to destroy the male sex.  But, radicals typically do more damage than good:(


October 3, 2018 – As expected, the #MeToo campaign self-imploded and blew up in its entirety with the scummy attack on Kavanaugh.  #BelieveEvidenceBeforeGender trumps #MeToo.  The Alt-Left continues to think the public is dumb.  But, both men and women saw that the low-life liars brought forward to make up stories about Kavanaugh were just that – lying scum that were being used by the Left.  The Left treated them worse than Kavanaugh or any guy ever did.  It is disgusting how the Left treats women.

In the end, we really didn’t learn anything from the Failed #MeToo campaign.  But, it did reinforce things we already knew.

  1.  #MeToo was about the money.  Once someone is no longer receiving favors from someone else, then they can claim they were harassed or assaulted.
  2. Most of the people who claim others are racist or sexist or such are exactly that themselves.  They are trying to deflect people’s attention from their own wrongdoings.  Asia Argento, co-promoter of #MeToo with Rose McGowan, is an alleged child rapist herself.  Add the President of CBS, Matt Lauer, and many more.
  3. Both men and women get sexually assaulted and harassed.  However, Feminazis and the Fake News Media do not like to discuss the harassment of men at all.  Especially, when heterophobics (aka gay men) molest underage boys and adult men!
  4. Accusers should NOT be believed.  They should have to prove their case.  That is the law in this country.  We are all INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty.  The 3 scum that made accusations against Kavanaugh prove our laws are right in this regard.  And just this headline today – Dentists accused in Las Vegas resort rape case have charges against them dropped   https://www.foxnews.com/us/dentists-accused-in-las-vegas-resort-rape-case-have-charges-against-them-dropped
  5. Per above, and the Duke Lacrosse team and on and on, it is often the accused that is the victim.
  6. All of us still agree that we all have empathy for true victims.  None of us approve of assault or any other crimes.  However, that empathy cannot outweigh the fact we are all innocent until proven guilty.  Feminazis want to change this.  They will fail.  They have only brought harm to those that are truly victims.

I simply suggest that all of us recall a time when we were falsely accused of saying or doing something.  Or one of our loved ones or friends were.  It has happened to all of us more than once I am sure.  Do you recall how pissed you were?  How hurt you may have been?  And how you instantly started thinking of how to defend yourself?  If the accusation was assumed to be right, how did that make you feel?

That is all this comes down to.  What happened if this was you in the hot seat.  Would you not want our law of innocent until proven guilty applied to you?  Yes, your answer is Yes.

And that is why #BelieveEvidenceBeforeGender must be supported over #MeToo.

As a tangent to all of this BS, why do any of us need to hear about someone else’s issues?  Unless you are my family or a friend, I don’t need to know if you got a speeding ticket, your feelings hurt, raped, mugged, a paper cut, or anything.  Who gives a damn if Sally Field or Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah or any of these people had an event occur in the past?!?!?!  It is none of our business.

It is 2018, take responsibility for your own life already!  Kellyanne Conway said it best this week when she said no one else can be expected to help these accusers (they are not victims until they prove their case).  They need to deal with it themselves!

I have had several of the big issues that are being made as ‘movements’ occur to me.  I don’t need to come out and specify them.  I have dealt with them throughout my life.  Some made me better, stronger.  Others probably screwed me up a bit.  That is what makes me who I am and there is no erasing the events that have already occurred.

Another #HimToo article just came out – UNC Charlotte ex-quarterback Kevin Olsen found not guilty of rape, other charges: report


This is total crap that Liberal Brainwashing Institutions can assume these guys are guilty and punish immediately!  I hope he sues them and the State of NC and the accuser (see, she was NEVER a victim…..he was the victim!) for $100 Million.  And people like her should have to serve the prison term that he would have served if he actually committed the crime.  I DO NOT BELIEVE.  I will never believe the accuser…..until they have proven their case.  I live in America.  Not Iran or Russia or any other country that assumes guilty until proven innocent.

Remember, Spend Forward, Use Forward…