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September 16, 2019 – Like many people, I accepted what the Fake News Media promoted about guns and the NRA throughout my life.  I thoughts guns were not needed and the NRA was a communist organization (whatever that means).  Then several years back I took the time to educate myself.

As a result, I became pro-2nd Amendment.  And I became a lifetime member of the NRA.

As I have become involved in the world, I am simply amazed at the incredible focus on safety.  Every gun person I have ever encountered is fanatical about gun safety.  No mass shooter has ever been an NRA member.  The NRA does all it can to promote safety….especially in our schools.

Enough on what I have learned.  Please take the time to educate yourself.  Question anything the Dems/Socialists and Fake News Media says.  Some of it might be true.  I am confident you will find almost all of it is false.

I will provide a few facts and leads….obviously research all of them for accuracy.

First, the general public has not been able to purchase an automatic weapon since the 1930’s.  Only the military (and maybe the police?  not sure about that off hand) has automatic weapons.  So, when you hear people say the public does not need to have military weapons blah blah blah.  Well, we haven’t had access to those for over 80 years!  Maybe some criminals have obtained these – probably smuggled in from Mexico (which wouldn’t be as easy to do if we had a total border wall…).  But, no way does the public have any of these.

Second, AR-15s and AK-47s are NOT assault riffles because they are not selective fire.  If they were, they would come under the 1934 firearms act — anything made after 1986 could not be legally sold in the US to civilians (non-police department).

Thus, once again, the public does NOT have access to assault rifles.

When you get down to it, we already have excessive gun laws.  Why shouldn’t a law-abiding citizen be able to own an assault rifle or automatic weapon?  Other than ‘because people just don’t need those’ there is no valid reason.  If you have a mob of people coming to invade your house and likely harm you and your family and friends, you need an automatic weapon or assault rifle to DEFEND yourself.

If you haven’t bought a gun, then you don’t know how difficult it is to purchase one (I hope you saw the video of the reporter that recently went to Walmart to buy a gun and was not able to….her agenda to show it is ‘easy’ to buy again backfired on her!).  I can tell you they ask so many questions….you have to have a perfect past to buy a gun!  It is insane the things that can disqualify you from buying a gun.  The one thing that continues to annoy me though is the question about being Hispanic or not.  Why in the world do they ask that question?  Why would it matter?

Lastly, I have to be an opponent of any gun registration system.  Being Jewish, no way could I ever approve of a system that helped to kill millions of Jews in the Holocaust.  Venezuelans can confirm the nightmare of such a registration.  They now get massacred with ease by their government/military as all of their guns were confiscated after a forced registration.  Americans learned their lesson in the 1700’s about the need to have guns to oppose an oppressive government.

Again, go do some research on your own.  Do not take anything at face value.  The link below provides some interesting stats.  But, do verify they are accurate on your own.  Do that with EVERYTHING the FNM tells you.


And in the end, decide where you stand on this issue….same re abortion…..and other controversial issues.  Educate yourself.  Is your current opinion based on what you have heard over and over….or on substantial research you did on your own.

As an example of some research I recently did.  I looked up how many guns (approaching 400 million) and cars we have in America.  I then looked up how many people are killed annually by guns and cars.  I excluded suicides as not many people kill themselves using a car and if they didn’t have guns they could use pills or other means.  I found out that more people per 1,000,000 die in car accidents than by guns by over 2x.  Even if you included gun suicides, cars are still more deadly.  So, why isn’t there a cry to reduce the number of cars on the road by tens of millions.  Why don’t we raise the age to get a drivers license to 21?  If Walmart can raise the age to buy a gun to 21, why don’t we do that (driving and owning) with cars?  I am sure the number of deaths to car drivers under 21 years old is proportionally higher than those over 21.  The point is getting into the data on your own is quite revealing.  Mass shootings are a blip on the radar.  On the day of any mass shooting way more people die in car wrecks, die to opioid overdoses, die in abortions, die to medical malpractice, et al.  Those are the real causes of death we need to go after.

Enjoy researching….have fun….keep an open mind.

The Mann


July 15, 2019 – The article at this link was just too good to not pass along.  It is always good to debunk the Fake News Media and the PC junk they promote.  Enjoy the truth, supported by facts.


The Mann


July 3, 2019 – First off, Happy Birthday to our great republic.  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th.

The following article is just one more tidbit of data that proves that the younger generations NEVER moved into the CBDs at any rate greater than prior generations.  Since 2000, the percentage of the population in CBDs has not changed!

As I continue to tell any city planner I see speak at a conference, you best be spending 99% of your money on infrastructure in the suburbs.  It is a waste of money to spend fortunes on downtown parking garages, apartment buildings, trains, etc.  The cost is extremely high and the population using it is insignificant.

City planners simply mislead the public as it is all ABOUT THE MONEY.

Environmentalists mislead the public because it is all ABOUT THE MONEY (e.g. The USA has 17 coal plants….1600 coal plants are under construction and planned in 62 countries…the FNM tells you the use of coal is declining, when in fact it will increase 43% with just these new plants, much less new ones after these).

And vegans make it sound like plant-based food is catching on and is the future for the world.   Again, they are simply AFTER THE MONEY!  Between now and 2050, worldwide meat consumption will increase from 330 million tons to 560 million tons!  Someone please tell PETA to stop wasting all of that donation money they get on trying to make people stop eating meat.

It is sad to see how the masses get used by the Fake News Media that promotes these money-grabbing agendas.  But, as I have always said, thankfully the masses are predictable in this way and that makes it easy for everyone to profit off of them.  I guess that includes me, albeit I am not an unethical, greedy corporation.

You cannot save this planet.  Whatever you do as an individual (not eat meat, walk or bike instead of using your car when possible, buying an electric car [thanx for increasing the need for more coal plants to provide electric for all of these electric cars!], recycle, et al) is not going to help.  Nor is a multitude of Americans and Europeans doing the same thing.  China and India alone will offset any benefits provided by the climate change believers 10-fold over.  My dad had a saying for your efforts, but it is a bit vulgar so I won’t write it out.  Just shake my head about the futile efforts and how legislation continues to price the poor out of housing and automobiles.

In the end, only Mother Earth can save herself.  And she will!  She always has.  Mass extinctions.  Bubonic Plague.  Man might help with World War III and the use of nukes.  But, I believe Mother Earth will unleash a disease that will kill billions before mankind figures out how to stop it.  I won’t be around to see if that happens.  Neither will anyone reading this.  But, down the road our over success as a species will have to be corrected….or we do as I have always proposed as an option – move to Mars:)

Enjoy the suburbs, life is so much more beautiful and relaxing there.

The Mann