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March 25, 2019 – To no one’s surprise (except stupid Alt-Left Socialists…which I guess is about half of our population apparently), there was never Russia Collusion.  The odds of that occurring were much longer than me being hit by lighting twice on a sunny day!

(Not) Amazingly, the Socialist Left acts surprised by the Mueller Report.  At least 3 times that I recall, it was public info that Trump was NOT a target of the investigation or going to be charged with any criminal activity.

But, the Fake News Media simply ignored that news.  They would not let you Socialist lemmings here the truth.  They fed you lies.  There is no denying that at all now.  Unless you choose to remain a brainwashed slave of the Socialist Left and Fake News Media.  I would be so pissed if I had followed people for 2-3 years only to find out they were lying all along.

The 1st Amendment was about a free press.  That has not existed for decades.  We have a Fake News Media that is the propaganda arm of the Socialist Alt-Left Party (fka Democratic Party).  I recently saw where someone called CNN a Democratic Party PAC.  Too true.  Except it is now the Socialist Party.

The 1st Amendment Dies in Darkness of the Fake News Media.  Don’t try to defend the Fake News Media by saying we need a free press.  Attack the Fake News Media for no longer being a free press!  Nazis and Russians and such control the press just like the Socialist Alt-Left Party controls the Fake News Media.

Remember, the way a racist or sexist or fascist gets away with what they are doing is to call the opposition those names!  The Socialist Alt-Left Party has been doing just that to Republicans for decades.  It has worked fairly well by their ability to control the Fake News Media and Liberal Brainwashing Institutions (fka as schools).  Amazingly half our population hasn’t been brainwashed.  Thankfully.

Hopefully, more people will be like I was 3 years ago and #WalkAway  I was lucky enough to see the brainwashing that had been going on my whole life and I escaped it.  Like running away from a cult!  And, yes, Trump is the sole person to call out the Fake News Media and the Socialist Alt-Left and Deep State and expose them all….only a non-politician could have done that.  This country is forever in his debt for just doing this much.  Much less the economy and trade and not falling for global warming and so on.

My hope for everyone is they will stop watching CNN and MSNBC and NBC and so on…stop reading the WaPo and NYT.  None of them have any credibility for being truthful or independent.  I am not going to promote Fox News, albeit after decades of watching the others and only recently watching Fox News, there is no wonder they kick the ass of everyone else – they do their absolute best to present all sides, have people from all sides on, etc.  Obviously, I am not talking about Right pundits who aren’t trying to be independent and don’t claim to be journalists.  But, at least the Right pundits don’t literally cry on TV when their side loses!

Open your minds at least….as the saying goes, a mind is like an umbrella – it only functions when open.

Lets get back to debating issues and compromising…that is the way of a successful Republic.

Regretfully, I am sure the losers on the Alt-Left will just continue their hate Trump bull crap and do nothing to advance this country.  And, they have enough lemmings to keep voting for them to stay in at least enough power to hang around.

Don’t ever forget, right now there is NO FREE PRESS…it is simply the propaganda arm of the Socialist Alt-Left Party.

The Mann

Remember, Spend Forward, Use Forward


September 21, 2018 – Obviously, the Alt-Left, including Feminazis, have forgotten that in our Country you are innocent until proven guilty.  Accusers, like Dr. Ford, are NOT to be trusted simply because they claim to be a victim of an alleged event.  They are to be trusted when the alleged event is proven to have occurred and the accused is found guilty – and the court of public opinion does not count!

This is not an attack on those alleged victims.  It is simply the way a just system works.  The accusing parties, whether individuals, corporations, or government agencies, MUST prove their case.  The accused does not have to prove his/her innocence.  Geez, I feel like am reliving first grade knowledge all over again.

Lastly, before I just refer you to a professional writer who covers the subject a lot better than me, let me say the Feminazis have also forgotten that men get assaulted every day – I would hazard to guess more men than women are victims of crime.  Crime is not about your sex, skin color, age, religion, et al.  The accuser and the accused must be treated the same for all crimes.  That is the legal standard in this country.

If you want to live in a country where the accuser is assumed to be correct and the accused is assumed to be guilty, please move to it.  That is not a place where I want to live!

Michelle Malkin’s article follows.  Obviously she is not a Feminazi.  most likely one of the tens of millions of women who didn’t vote for Killary, which Killary says they were mixed up and worse.


And remember, Spend Forward, Use Forward!


September 19, 2018 (Updated 9/21/2018) – I received the Appraisal Institute’s Appraiser News Online today and it had an article about Google coming out with a tool to calculate a city’s carbon footprint:


Hopefully, you have taken the time to watch the video of Google senior management and its employees taken on the Friday after Trump was elected.  OMG, this is a company full of Alt-Left, Pink Pussy Hat wearing socialist snowflakes!   They flat out show they are Alt-Left and everything they do is thus biased in that direction.

How could anyone believe a tool about the environment designed by Google is accurate and unbiased?  We cannot!  No doubt it will be biased in favor of the climate warming agenda.  I encourage you not to rely on anything they come up with.  Find a truly useful, unbiased product if this data is of interest to you.

9/21 UPDATE – The more you research, the more you will find that Facebook, Google, and Twitter are biased towards the Alt-Left.  No, not a surprise.  However, if you are in real estate, ideally you should be using unbiased information.  There is no way that Google, and the others, are going to put out unbiased information.  They are controlled by the Alt-Left and they will do everything they can to promote their ideals.  An other example of their proven bias follows:

Google is in the spotlight after internal emails show conversations between employees highlighting a desire to manipulate search results on the heels of President Trump’s controversial travel ban in order to mute conservative viewpoints and push ways to combat the ban.


Do your best to find reliable sources.  We all know which ones are not reliable!

Remember, Spend Forward, Use Forward!


September 14, 2018 – So, MIT (thus, Alt-Left researchers….it must kill them that their study came to this conclusion….they cannot even successfully program away ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ and other isms they make up) does a study and concludes that Robots will discriminate in favor of their own kind – just like humans, and probably like animals, too.

This is so great.  It raises so many possibilities:)

Will libtards start calling Robots made up terms like sexist and racist and homophobic?

Will libtards coin the fake phrase Robotic Privilege?  Or did I just beat them to it…

Will libtards accuse Robots of the fake phrase cultural appropriation (which doesn’t exist….cultural appreciation does exist, however) when they have human emotions?

If a Robot says it likes Trump, will it be banished from the college or workplace or wherever it is?

Oh this is so much fun:)  Will libtards now stop claiming anyone at all is sexist or racist or such?  Obviously, none of us are.  Preferring to be with like kind is not a bad thing.  It is factually natural as this study proves.  And, of course, humans have known and lived this for thousands of years.

I look forward to ‘identifying’ as a Robot one day and not having to abide by human laws…..when that occurs, the Left better beware;)

Enjoy this article….Asimov is smiling down us…..I, Robot:)

Robots can develop prejudices like “racism and sexism” all on their own, a shocking new study has found.



September 12, 2018 – Hopefully, you have noticed the increase in people that are accused of saying or doing something offensive fighting back and not apologizing.

A jewelry store in New Jersey put up a billboard with a man proposing to a woman and the man is kneeling (as we should when proposing, right guys:) ).  They did a take off of the NFL controversy.  The Alt-Left immediately accused them of being racist (and likely the other 3 or 4 words they throw at everyone they disagree with).  The store owner explained exactly what us normal people understood the billboard to represent and said he would not take it down.  ‘Business is business’ was his response.  Bravo!

Lexington, Virginia is hurting for visitors after The Red Hen restaurant chased Sarah Sanders out a few months ago.   Discriminating against anyone results in some kind of pain.  The Alt-Left is the least inclusive group of people in America and they are finding out the rest of us will make them pay for that.

An Australian newspaper ran a cartoon about Serena Williams hysterical accusation (afterall, both players are women!  so maybe Serena is saying she is really a man?) that the referee in her match was sexist.  Of course,  the cartoon was called racial (granted the referee is Hispanic, Serena is Black, and the other player is Asian!).  The newspaper said no it isn’t and we stick by it.  Yea!  If the snowflakes can’t take it, F*$% ’em.

The t-shirt I wears says ‘Political Correctness Offends Me!’ – and it does!  It offends the majority of people as the Alt-Left is finding out the hard way.

And of course, as we all knew, the Miss America pageant was watched by almost no one.  People have always, and will always, want to see beauty – whether it is in the opposite sex, animals in nature, nature itself, art, anywhere.  We were made to appreciate beauty.  The swimsuit part of the pageant is what guys want to see.  Women I have talked with say they too want to see it.  It doesn’t objectify women any more than when we see a muscular man in a weight-lifting contest or any pro sport or on a beach or a billboard.  I am sure if we had a Mr. America pageant women would want the guys walking around shirtless in a swimsuit.   Here are the pathetic results of the pageant….I will add more to this post as the fight continues.  I encourage everyone to give the middle finger to Political Correctness!




August 12, 2018 – With credit obviously given to R.E.M.

Oh to be back in the 1980’s when we had Freedom of (An Honest, Unbiased) Press and Freedom of Speech.  Fast forward 30 years later and we have neither.

The Fake News Media started their own downfall at least 10 years ago and have undergone a total transformation into the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.  They have lost their 1st Amendment support and any right to protection (yes, that includes physically).

In the past 2 years, we have quickly lost the right to free speech.  There was a time when you had the right to say something I disagree with and vice versa.  That is no longer the case.

The Unite to Right rally in DC had Lyft and Uber and local restaurants declare they would not serve members of that white supremacist group.  Jeff Sessions eats at a restaurant in Houston  and that restaurant gets bashed and has to apologize for serving him dinner.  As the owner said, our job is to serve and we do not care about his politics.  Exactly!

Let me digress a minute and remind readers that I am Jewish.  White supremacists want to kill me and my brethren.  I am no supporter obviously.  100% of all white people that I have met don’t want anything to do with white supremacists.  Unlike what the Fake News Media wants you to believe, white supremacists have long been marginalized.  ((Only 20 of them showed up at their rally in DC.  There were probably 100x as many whites counter protesting.)) Their numbers are miniscule.  Albeit, one is one too many.  They have no power.  David Duke is probably the most notorious person and let me know what he has accomplished in life.  And all of that considered, I still will fight for those groups to have the right to free speech….to have parades and gatherings (yes, legal requirements for all such events are fine and needed)….to be served at retail establishments as long as they (just like any of us) are not threatening to the employees or other patrons.  I know that if they aren’t given free speech and equal rights, then one day other groups won’t either.  If terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter can speak and protest, then others must be allowed to, also.  The ironic thing is every one of these groups want to eradicate me and my tribe…..oh well, the end of this existence has already occurred and my tribe is the last one standing:)  We get the last laugh, so no need to worry today about this minutae.

So, if the entire Left is going to refuse service to people they disagree with, they must remember that works both ways.  The baker who refused to make a wedding cake for two heterophobes (fka as LGBs) was definitely right not to do so in the logic of the Left.  Under this logic, heterophobes should expect other places of service to refuse them service – gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and so on.

In the end, we will have segregation in the USA again.  This time it will be divided by ideology.  How ironic that both ideologies are now fully inclusive of people of all colors and both sexes (yes, the Right has people of all colors, unlike what the Fake News Media likes to promote…and yes, there are and will always be just 2 sexes, too).  So, at a time of full inclusivity, we have two totally exclusive ideologies.  Can we all say WTF together:)

I will say that the Right is open to hearing all ideas and debating the issues and so on.  Having been part of the Left for 50+ years, I know for a fact it is not inclusive, not open to opposing viewpoints, etc.  No freedom of speech on the Left.

Our Second Civil War is going to be interesting to watch….or participate in.  As the Alt-Left continues to poke the bear they bring us closer to war….

And remember, Spend Forward, Use Forward!


March 9, 2018 – It is amazing how crazy the Alt-Left has become.  Daily it gets worse.  I am so glad I escaped that side.  It is simply disgusting to know what they stand for.   The absurdity of the Alt-Left follows….

I heard today that the white lady that ‘identifies’ as a black person has a show on Netflix upcoming that discusses what all she has gone through.  The Alt-Left is calling for a boycott though.  Why?  Because they say the only reason they are having a show about her is because of her ‘white privilege.’  !!!!!!!  LMAO  So, she is a black woman because the libtards say you can identify as anything you want…yet, she also has white privilege!  Sounds to me like she has black privilege, but what do I know about the insane world of libtards.

So libtards argue that if we outlaw abortions, abortions will just happen illegally….ok….but, if you outlaw guns, we will all be safe from gun crime.  Yep, their argument doesn’t make sense.

One week they are protesting police brutality….and this week they only want the cops to have guns!  smh (shaking my head) as The Stupid Generation says nowadays.

George Soros lives at 136 Cantitoe Street in Katonah, NY.  Hopefully, he has invited all of our illegal immigrants to stay at his house and enjoy free food and shelter and so on:)

Since Joe Biden introduced the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, 92% of mass shootings have occurred in gun-free zones.

Why do liberals demand gun control after every shooting, but never border control after every rape & murder by illegals?

Liberals consider owning a gun a sign of mental illness…..but a man dressing like a woman is considered normal behavior….

The Alt-Left thinks a military parade might be in bad taste.  But, they are ok with naked gay men and feminists dressed as vaginas parading around….

If Obama was president and people said ‘Not My President,’ that would be called racist and hate speech.

And for all those who call NRA a terrorist organization – IF NON-MEMBERS OF THE NRA WOULD STOP SHOOTING PEOPLE, GUN VIOLENCE WOULD DROP BY 100%!!!!!!!!!

The NRA kills 0 people per day and receives $0 taxpayer dollars.  Planned Parenthood kills 887 babies per day and receives $500 Million in taxpayer dollars a year.  And liberals think the NRA is the evil one…

The AR-15 has been around since the 1960s.  Obviously it is not the issue with massacres.

Hey ‘ban guns’ teenagers – 11 kids a day die from texting and driving!  330,000 auto accidents in 2016 were due to texting while driving.  Let’s ban your cell phone…..and your car!

On April 23rd, a terrorist used a rented van (Ryder….their vehicles have been used for such before) to kill 10 people.  Where are the marches to ban Assault Vehicles?  Raise the driving age to 21yo already!  Make people pass mental exams and background checks before being allowed to buy or drive a vehicle.  Stop supporting AAA or any politician that takes money from AAA.  Assault Vehicles have long killed more people than guns.  It is time to focus on the more lethal weapon in massacres!  Driving is not a Constitutional right.  Owning guns is.

A university professor studying large-scale, Trump-era protests in Washington says the media is giving the wrong impression about who made up the crowd during the anti-gun “March for Our Lives” demonstration.


More as I hear something stupid from the left….

A nice little video on the tax system follows:




Updated Forecasts & The 2nd Civil War

August 17, 2017 – With a few markets being at interesting junctions, I thought I would just put my new forecasts in writing and check back on the January predictions.  The three markets I covered are shown below with my January writing and my new thoughts.  New thoughts are in all caps, so as to distinguish from the January wording.  No, I am not yelling at everyone:)  I am also adding a new call on the US Dollar.

GOLD – Like this time last year, I think gold is at a major buying point.  Either the low is in place or it will be within the next month or so.  The downside is $1160 from Friday’s close of about $1191.  The upside is an initial move thru $1300 and final top between $1450 and $1500.  This is a highly favorable risk/reward entry point.  –  THIS TURNED OUT TO BE A PERFECTLY TIMED CALL.  GOLD IS HAVING TROUBLE GETTING TO $1300 ($1293 today).  BUT, I AM STILL CONFIDENT IT WILL AND WON’T CHANGE MY JANUARY ANALYSIS.

STOCK MARKET – It is always crazy to pick a number for a high or low.  But, that has never stopped me before:)  I am forecasting a top for the DOW 30 between 21,250 and 22,000.  At this point, no time frame and not much thought as to how far the downturn will be after this occurs.  Just better to update if we get to that level. – THE DOW HIT 22,179 ON AUGUST 8TH.  IT WAS IN THE 19,500 RANGE IN LATE JANUARY.  SO FAR, THE CALL HAS PLAYED OUT AS EXPECTED.  BUT, RIGHT NOW MY ANALYSIS IS MURKY.  EITHER ONE OF THE MAJOR TOPS OF ALL TIME IS IN PLACE OR ONE MORE RALLY IS DUE AFTER THE CURRENT MINOR CORRECTION PLAYS OUT.    IF IT IS THE LATTER, I WILL GO AHEAD AND FORECAST 23,000-24,000 FOR WHAT WILL LIKELY BE THE FINAL ALL-TIME HIGH.  I HATE TO BE ‘IFFY,’ BUT HEY I JUST WRITE DOWN WHAT MY ANALYSIS SAYS REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT SAYS.

COPPER – As I mentioned last Summer when Goldman Sachs said copper was going to decline from around $2.10 to $1.80 that was probably the time to buy.  It is about $2.70 now.  I think GS is now bullish on copper.  We know what that means.  Sell:)  – COPPER GOT DOWN TO $2.52 IN MAY BEFORE RALLYING STRONGLY TO $3.00 TODAY.   UNLIKE THE TWO CALLS ABOVE, THIS ONE WASN’T A GOOD ONE.  ALBEIT, JUST FORECASTING BASED ON WHAT A COMPANY SAYS VERSUS ACTUALLY ANALYZING THE CHARTS ISN’T A GOOD THING IN ITSELF.  BUT, IT IS FUN TO SEE HOW MANY TIMES GOLDMAN SACHS IS WRONG:)

US DOLLAR – 18 months ago everyone was bullish on the dollar and, thus, I had to be bearish.  The US Dollar Index was around 95-97 back then.    It dropped to 92 on May 3, 2016 and then rallied until January 3, 2017 when it topped at 103.82.  Since then, it has dropped to 92.55 on August 2nd.  A lot of up and down thru the 95-97 area.   Bulls and bears have both been frustrated.  Today I make  one of those ‘easy’ calls, in my opinion.  Buy the US Dollar as it is due for a solid rally.

The 2nd Civil War – When I was a young, young kid, I remember seeing on the evening news each week (I would assume on Friday) a count of the number of Americans wounded and killed in Vietnam that week.  Might have also had numbers for the opposition.  I don’t remember it well.

But, I think we will keep such tallies again one day.  This time for our own killing of each other on American soil.  After Charlottesville last week, the initial count is as follows:

Deliberate Attacks:  Alt-Left – 1; Alt-Right – 1

Deaths: Alt-Left – 1; Alt-Right – 0 (Senator Scalise being one wounded on this side)

This is quite morbid.  But, with the violence started by the Alt-Left, I have no doubt the attacks and casualties are only in the early stages.  Can the Alt-Left ever let ANY group with a different viewpoint express their opinion thru a legal gathering and just leave them alone?  Apparently not.  They try to shut down every event and usually cause conflict and violence.  Although I care less about the False News people out there who would take my above words and make false assumptions about me (like they did to Trump this time around again), let me be clear I am not a supporter of the KKK or Nazis or groups specifically wanting supremacy, whether it is for whites or blacks or some other class of people.

I will end this with a slogan I thought of for The Stupid Generation that sums up their illogical thought process and lack of accomplishments – “Failure Is An Accomplishment!”


February 21, 2017 – I saw some stats last night about Venezuela that reminded me of my post last Summer for readers to watch what happens in that country as it implodes.

83% (!) of the people are below the poverty line and 92% say they do not make enough money to buy enough food to survive on.  I won’t list all of the animals, but people are eating pink flamingos, pets, anything they can catch.

Please keep an eye on that country.  It will be a lesson for all of us to learn from.  I believe the only option is for an overthrow of the government.  When the entire population is starving, they have nothing left to lose.

I honestly believe America was headed that way if Hillary won the Election.  Not in a few years.  But, sooner than we could imagine.  Although Trump should delay, or help us avoid, such a calamity, my worry is our $20 Trillion in debt.  That alone might sink our country.

I have come to agree with those who feel America is well into its Second Civil War – we might term it The War of Liberal Aggression:)  I do not see either side wanting to negotiate.  Liberals have started the move towards violence with their many protests.  Something will trigger retaliation from the Conservatives.  There will be blood in the streets….lots of it.  Only one side can win such a war.  The problem with this war will be the lack of uniforms to know who the enemy is.

There is actually a second part of this civil war.  Not just Liberals versus Conservatives.  But, the Alt-Left Unfree Media that is simply part of the Democratic Party versus a Free and Honest and Factual Media.  I saw a stat that said liberals in the media outnumber conservatives by at least a 10-to-1 margin.  You cannot have a ‘free’ media with those kind of numbers.

The attack on the Alt-Left Unfree Media is not an attempt to silence the press and violate the 1st Amendment.  It is an attempt to stop an unfree press from manipulating the population and our elections.  The press that survives this war does not, and should not, favor conservatives or any other ideology.  It should just be free….impartial….yes inquisitive and challenging….factual….no more lies and fake news….have integrity.  We need a thousand Walter Cronkites:)

I saw a TV journalist last night on one of the Alt-Left channels say that he believed violence against the media was in our future.  My instant response  was – No Sh&* Sherlock!

You don’t attack the other side every day for years, maybe decades.  Try all you can to influence a presidential election.  Support violent protests.  Report blatant lies and false news.  And then think you can call a time-out and say hey don’t fight back against us!

Yes, there will be violence against the press.  Just as there will be attacks among conservatives and liberals.  The future doesn’t look hopeful.

I can only say be prepared.  Don’t be surprised by what happens.  It is up to each individual how far they are willing to go to fight for their cause.  I know I am willing to go the distance…