September 21, 2018 – Obviously, the Alt-Left, including Feminazis, have forgotten that in our Country you are innocent until proven guilty.  Accusers, like Dr. Ford, are NOT to be trusted simply because they claim to be a victim of an alleged event.  They are to be trusted when the alleged event is proven to have occurred and the accused is found guilty – and the court of public opinion does not count!

This is not an attack on those alleged victims.  It is simply the way a just system works.  The accusing parties, whether individuals, corporations, or government agencies, MUST prove their case.  The accused does not have to prove his/her innocence.  Geez, I feel like am reliving first grade knowledge all over again.

Lastly, before I just refer you to a professional writer who covers the subject a lot better than me, let me say the Feminazis have also forgotten that men get assaulted every day – I would hazard to guess more men than women are victims of crime.  Crime is not about your sex, skin color, age, religion, et al.  The accuser and the accused must be treated the same for all crimes.  That is the legal standard in this country.

If you want to live in a country where the accuser is assumed to be correct and the accused is assumed to be guilty, please move to it.  That is not a place where I want to live!

Michelle Malkin’s article follows.  Obviously she is not a Feminazi.  most likely one of the tens of millions of women who didn’t vote for Killary, which Killary says they were mixed up and worse.

And remember, Spend Forward, Use Forward!