October 28, 2018 – First, prayers to the families and friends of those killed in Pittsburgh.  Another sad day for my brothers and sisters in God’s favored tribe.  Sadly, just another event of hostility against us that has occurred for over 3000 years.  (As an aside, just curious if anyone has heard any Democrats condemning Farrakhan for his Anti-Semitic rhetoric….or has Black Lives Matter hit the streets saying that Jewish Lives Matter…..let me know if either event occurs;) )

I have long said people are crazy if they go to church without carrying a gun or having armed guards in the church.  Soft targets will always be hit until they are hardened.

The other easy target that America won’t fix until a mass killing occurs is the check-in area of all airports.  Walk in at a rush period and many dozens can be taken out.  Thankfully, there are some armed guards there, but not near enough.

As Winston Churchill said, America always gets it right….after it has tried everything else:)

A few updates…..As mentioned in July, Coffee futures were heading below $1.00 and likely putting in a major bottom.  They did and are now around $1.20.  I am sure none of you played the move.  But, just good for me to watch the data and see it work out as projected.  Gold and Silver have begun their leg upward, too.

Election – At this time, I will go ahead and predict the Senate will end up 53 for GOP and 47 for Dems.  There certainly are some close races where a surprise or two could happen and the GOP end up with 52 or 54.  But, obviously nothing above 50 or 51 really matters….unless you can get all the way to 60.  That won’t be happening anytime soon.

I will likely wait til near Election Day to forecast the House.

Remember, Spend Forward, Use Forward!