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September 19, 2020 – I was wondering what September would bring us that would rock our world.  The death of Justice Ginsburg is it.

Obviously, thanks to her service to this country and all she accomplished in her lifetime.  That said, I lost all respect for her when she trashed then candidate Trump and subsequently apologized.  Justices have always been above the fray and petty politics.  Until RBG lost her temper.  Kind of neat to know that someone could pull her chain enough for her to lose her cool.  I also do not like people that support one group at the expense of all others.  But, she didn’t need my respect and I didn’t need hers.  Onward.

The Left terrorists will certainly increase violence across the country.   You won’t see the Right being violent as a replacement for RBG is put forward by Trump and possibly approved by the Senate before yearend.  The snowflake leftists that want to overthrow our country will just go crazy.  And probably hide behind groups like the Marxist BLM and others.

It is tempting for me to get back on social media just to poke Leftists and make them go insane:)  But, I don’t need to waste my time.  They will go crazy without me being one more antagonizer.  If I watched the news any more, I would enjoy watching their heads implode:)

We will be one major step closer to The Second Civil (what is so civil about war!?!?) War.  Can we make a war legal so both sides can have legal armed conflict?  Probably not.  But, one of these darn events will finally get the Right to start being as violent as the Left.

My pick for RBG’s replacement is Amy Coney Barrett.  All the Socialists can pick on her about is being religious (she has something to do with Notre Dame…you can research DuckDuckGo for her credentials).  God forbid a Christian be part of the highest court in a Christian country!  They will solely attack her because of their fear that Roe v. Wade will be overturned (they are right, it will be).

What I am not so sure about is if McConnell has the votes.  With the Senator from Alaska and Romney being sure No votes, the GOP is down to 51.  I would hate to be Senator Collins!  Her vote might well change the course of this country for the next 50+ years.  No pressure lol

Both sides will claim that the SCOTUS issue will bring out their voters even more.  That occurred in 2016 and we know which side was more passionate about this issue.

I wonder if Crying Shumer now realizes that the biggest mistake he ever made was when he changed the rules so Obama’s picks for Federal judges could be approved by a simply majority.  He was told not to do it because one day it would come back to bite him in the ass.  200+ Federal judges picked by Trump and possibly 3 SCOTUS Justices picked by Trump later someone should ask Shumer if it was worth it:)  Obviously it wasn’t.  And it might go down as one of the biggest political mistakes ever made by any American.

It is too early to know how this will play out on Election Day.  I will wait a week or two to see new data and provide an update on what the various indicators are predicting.  For the upcoming week, RBG deserves all the respect in the world.  Everyone knows we should avoid the politics of the situation until after she is buried.  Sadly, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, et al will spend 24/7 screaming about when and who she should be replaced by.  They will not wait until after she is buried.  Ratings is money and money rules everything.

As an aside, can you Say Their Name – thru the end of August, 242 Whites have been killed in confrontations with police in America.  Come on, Say Their Name!  You can’t, can you?  Why?  Why don’t you know the name of a single White person that died in a police confrontation this year?  The Left would call you a racist for not saying their name.  All Lives Matter takes care of everyone and does not make any group more or less special than others.  Say Their Name….one of the 242 White people….come on, take the time to do it.

Back to my non-social media and (mostly) no news bubble…

The Mann




September is National Suicide Prevention Month.  Albeit, we should all do all we can to help people we are concerned about throughout the year.  Every day.   Never stop.  Never give up.

This one hits home for me.  Next month on my birthday October 15th it will be the 30th anniversary of my dad committing suicide.  He obviously chose my birthday so I would always remember it.  As if I wouldn’t remember any other date he would have done it on!

I understand the genetics of Depression and, as expected, I couldn’t avoid the power of the genes.  It’s about 16 years now that the daily fight has gone on.  At least it is still going on, eh:)

If you or anyone you know suffer from Depression, or any other Mental Illness, (say it out loud over and over until you get used to saying it….just like saying cancer or diabetes….it’s just a disease like any other….it is not something to be ignored and swept under the rug as we have done forever), please call 1-800-273-8255, seek professional help, and keep talking.

Promote National Suicide Prevention Month

You, or the person you know, are here to make a difference in the life of one or more people.  You need to stay here.  You will make a difference!

Godspeed to all.

As a reminder, please go to YouTube and listen to Morgan Wade’s The Night.  I listen to it most every day.  Great lyrics.

The Mann



August 30, 2020 – As we enter September, a lot has changed in the past 3 weeks.  In July it looked like Trump had hit bottom in the polls and was starting to reverse his odds.  This trend has begun to accelerate.  Let’s go thru the indicators.

The DOW 30 is way above 23,377, which indicates a Trump victory.  It is nearing 28,200, which indicates a near lock that Trump will win.  The stock market has been indicating since the April bottom that it believes Trump will be re-elected.

A month ago, bettors had Biden with over a 60% chance of winning and Trump below 40%.  This has trended significantly in Trump’s favor and it is now Biden at about 52% and Trump at 48%.  Close to a tossup.

The latest national poll (after both virtual conventions ended) has Biden up by 6%.  Per my prior posts, this indicates the race is essentially a tossup.

So, the indicators range from a very slight chance of Biden winning to a guaranteed Trump victory.  We still have 60+ days to go, of course.

As for the Electoral College, I have Biden at just under 300 right now.  Down from way above 300 early this month.  But, still in control.

That’s it for now.  I will continue to update as we get closer.  Just remember, only about 1530 days until Election Day 2024;)

Oh, re gold, it has not broke its high and it is looking like a decline to $1700 or such is in the books.  We shall see.

And September is the month that has been on my radar since the March/April crash.  I am afraid something bad beyond our imagination is going to occur.  I hope not, but….

Stay safe.

The Mann


August 25, 2020 – As of July, we knew that in October we will have one or more vaccines for COVID-19.

I had my semi-annual doctor visit this week and my doctor said that the UK AstroZeneca Oxford vaccine appears to be the bee’s knees, as they say.  Very effective with minimal side effects.

He also indicated there are 7 vaccines in their final 3rd stage/phase and they will be ready in October, too.

The point I am trying to make is that the Fake News Media will be saying that this is all political when the announcements are made in October.  That is impossible, and not relevant anyway.  Trump and Congress have nothing to do with the companies and people working on the vaccines.  But, since July we have known that the vaccines will be approved in October.  This cannot be an October ‘surprise.’

The Fake News Media will also say the vaccines have been rushed and lives are being put at risk.  Even if we waited the old way of 4-5 years to get a vaccine approved there would still be side effects!  So, do we keep the world on hold for 4 more years and endure millions of deaths (and economic destruction) to end up with basically the same side effects risk?  How stupid would that be.

My doctor said science has really come thru and we likely will have a permanent improvement in getting new vaccines.  That is good.

I am sure that the few deaths that will occur from people having reactions to the vaccine (which occurs with all vaccines anyway) will be negligible in comparison to the number of lives we will save.

I will be first in line to get the vaccine:)  I am not about to wait.  I love chemicals:)  I prefer tap water over that weird tasting spring water:)

October is going to be full of great news (is this why the market started a huge bull market last April/May….it forecasts 6 months out).  Ignore the Fake News Media bullcrap.  They would prefer to have Americans die just to win an election.  Just be happy that we are going to be able to help all Americans and get us past this crisis….finally.

Stay safe.

The Mann


AUGUST 12, 2020 – For those who have read my newsletters or blogs or whatever over the years, you may recall me saying that Gold puts in a top when it starts going up and down $50 or $75 or more a day.  Commodity tops are like stock market bottoms – spikes.  Gold was down $200 yesterday and has rebounded $70 today.  Silver dropped 20% in a day.  These are indications a top is occurring.  The markets always like to surprise us.  But, over the past 50 years, this has been the pattern for Gold.

Recent polls show Biden ahead by about 4 to 6 points in the battleground states.  We can assume 1 to maybe 2 points are overstated because of the significant number of conservatives that refuse to participate in these polls (e.g. moi).  This advantage can go away in a few days.  In 2016, Trump basically pulled it out in the last 3 or 4 days as voters faced the reality of voting.  And it is apparent the October ‘Surprise’ will be approval of a vaccine.  I hope no one is surprised when that announcement occurs!  It is already a known fact as the 30,000 volunteers in Savannah got their shots in July and October is when the results come in.  All of the above aside, right now Biden is the clear favorite to win per the polls.  Also, these polls do not reflect the results of the DNC telling Sleepy Joe yesterday that he has chosen Kamala Harris to be his VP.  I am not sure that will have much affect as it has been known for a few weeks she was one of the two finalists and her being in California is overkill as Biden will win that state by about 30 points.

I see that over 80,000 businesses have closed for good.  This will increase significantly as we go through the remainder of the year in an essential shutdown of our economy.  This is a significant cleansing of businesses that were not adequately capitalized.  I would hope Americans would learn two lessons from this crisis, but i doubt they will:

  1.  Never, ever, ever go into debt.  I realized early in my career that income producing real estate that had no mortgage could survive most downturns.  It was the debt that cost property owners to lose their investments.  The same goes for people.  Almost anyone can get by just paying their rent, utilities, cell phone bill, etc.  My step-daughter figured that out years ago.  She just sold her farm and bought a house nearby for all cash.  If she loses her job, she can get by working a minimum wage job.  I am so proud of her accomplishing this during a pandemic of all things.  At least one person listened to me lol
  2.  This isn’t my advice.  We all have been told to have 3-6 months of expenses in savings.  Most of the 80,000 businesses that have closed would likely still be surviving if they had followed this advice.  Granted this crisis will go past 6 months for certain industries, so even this advice would not have helped everyone.  But, it would not have hurt anyone!  And, obviously, John Q. Public would always be in much better shape if they had 6 months of expenses in the bank.

Sadly, people and companies will not follow the above.  For one, it is very difficult in an ever slowing world economy.  Also, our economy is not designed for long-term survival….just for short-term excess profits.  A hundred years from now people will be studying how the excesses of the past 100 years occurred and will swear to not repeat our mistakes.  It will probably work until one century the third peak generation of all time will be doing exactly what we have done (The Roman Empire and Baby Boomers are the two all-time peaks if you were wondering).

Re my life experiment….a week ago I eliminated all social media from my life.  I deleted all news apps from my phone and laptop and no longer watch or read any news.  My family will tell me a news item now and then:(  So far it is amazing.  I pick up my cell phone and check email and then I look it and have nothing more to need it for…except to check the weather.  I used to spend hours on the thing…now I barely touch it.  It is so refreshing to not think about anything controversial.  After 55 years of fighting, this brain is ready to rest:)  I know how I will vote the rest of my life.  So, it dawned on me I don’t need to debate issues (fruitless nowadays anyway) and I don’t need to know what is going on outside my own bubble.  I will keep up with real estate and markets.  I have always made my decisions based on data and not news anyway.  Day 7 and counting….I might post down the road how this is working out.

A total side note….if you like country music, go to YouTube and check out Morgan Wade.  She hasn’t made it big, yet.  I saw her in concert before The ‘Vid shut things down.  She is all I listen to now.  ‘The Night’ is her signature song.  For those who can relate to the subject of the song, it is a strong message.  Maybe one decade the world will know how to better help those with this illness.  But, it won’t occur in time in my lifetime.

Everyone take care….please don’t send me news stories lol


The Mann


UPDATED AUGUST 3, 2020 – A few polls I have found to be most accurate came out this past week.  In the National poll it appears that the contest is a tossup now.  As I have thought about things, I believe my analysis that Biden has an automatic 7% lead in National polls might be a bit high as Trump will probably have an excessive lead in one or two states.  Obviously, not to the degree Biden will have in CA and NY and IL.  So, I am thinking Biden probably has an automatic 5%-6% lead in National polls.  Thus, any such polls you see you can adjust downward by that amount to know what the real difference is in the states that will be somewhat closer.  At a quick glance, I am not seeing any change in the Electoral count from that noted below.

UPDATED JULY 17, 2020 – I had a few minutes this evening to analyze all of the polls state-by-state.  At this time, it looks like Trump has about 213 to 220 votes in the Electoral College.  That means Biden is over 300 at this time.  As a reminder, it takes 270 to win.

Also, as I mentioned in prior posts, the stock market is forecasting events 6 months in advance.  As such, it is showing zero concern that the Socialists will win everything and be able to implement their programs.

I won’t spend time on the argument that the stock market no longer reflects reality and is simply a place that the trillions of dollars pumped into the system by The Fed have disconnected the V-shaped recovery in stocks from the likely W-shaped (or Verizon swoosh) recovery in the economy.  I won’t argue against this hypothesis.

But, having played at the World’s Largest Casino for almost 50 years now, I have seen many events occur that were thought to change the relationship of stocks and the economy forever (e.g. options in the late 1970’s…followed by futures in the 1980’s….and even futures on options (!)….then computer trading…..on and on).  I will wait to see how things play out over the next 1-2 years to see where we stand.

JULY 14, 2020 – With less than 4 months to the Election, it is time to start looking at various indicators to see what they are forecasting.  Of course, these indicators will change over the next few months.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, a study going back 200+ years says that if the DOW 30 is above 23,377 on Election Eve, Trump has the odds in his favor to be re-elected.  New information from this study indicates that if the DOW 30 is above 28,200, then Trump is basically a lock to win.

If you listen to the Fake News Media, then you would conclude Biden has already won.  This is the norm for polls as the Socialists use them to try to demoralize the opposition.  This has zero chance of occurring among Trump supporters.  I have never seen a stronger group.

Besides people on the Right refusing to participate, the national polls are not relevant as we do not elect our President based on popular vote.  Regardless of who wins the Election, Biden will win the popular vote.  That is  a done deal.

Biden is up 8%-10%+ in the national polls.  However, California, New York, and a few other large states that Biden will win huge in will give him around 10 million votes (this is significantly larger than Clinton won by in 2016) more than Trump.  Assuming voter turnout increases to say 140 million (was 136 million in 2016), then right there Biden has a 7% advantage.  Thus, the real difference between the participants is about 1%-3% with Biden ahead right now.

Bettors (58% chance of Biden winning, 38% chance of Trump winning) indicate that Trump bottomed out in late June and has been gaining ground slowly since then.  As usual, this Election will come down to 8-10 states and within those states it probably comes down to a few dozen counties.  For the rest of us, our vote doesn’t make a big difference.  But, please do go out and vote.  Like 4 years ago, our country’s existence is literally at stake.

I will delve more into the Electoral count over the next few months.

That’s it for the Election for now.

As an aside, it would be nice if the country would just accept we are going to have 20 or 50 or 100 million people get infected by The ‘Vid and stop talking about it.  But, that surely won’t happen.  The stupid blame game will continue ad nauseum.

It sure would be nice if we would flight the flu this hard this Winter.  It would be even nicer if we don’t have to hear on the news about every athlete or celebrity or politician getting a cold or the flu:)  I care less which famous person gets The ‘Vid or flu or a cold.  Just get it, get well, and live on.

Everyone stay safe.  Godspeed.

The Mann


JUNE 29, 2020 – South Dakota has become the 11th state to allow licensed/certified appraisers to perform non-USPAP Evaluations.  We have 39 more to go:)  When we get back to in-person classes, if you are in a state that allows non-USPAP Evaluations, I have a 7-hour seminar on Evaluations and Validations that I will gladly come and teach.  I don’t teach over the web.  I can only share my 28 years of experience with Evaluations in person.  The Appraisal institute’s news item on this follows:

South Dakota Passes Legislation Allowing Appraisers to Perform Evaluations

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem on March 4 signed HB 1127, legislation that allows appraisers to provide real property evaluations to federally regulated financial institutions. When the law takes effect July 1, the state will join at least 10 others that allow appraisers to provide evaluation services. Several other states are considering similar laws.
Evaluations provided by appraisers must conform to Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines. South Dakota’s secretary of the Department of Labor and Regulation will be authorized to promulgate rules relating to “exemptions and standards allowing appraisers to perform an evaluation for a federally insured depository institution.”
Everyone stay safe.
The Mann


MAY 31, 2020 – The following information comes from an article by NREI:

Some investors are looking to the Green Street CPPI for insights on pricing shifts. Green Street Advisors’ methodology is an appraisal-based index (versus closed sale transactions) that also is heavily weighted on institutional quality properties. Its CPPI for April reports a -9.4 percent decline across all property types, 133.5 down to 120.9. (100 on its index is equal to all property values in mid 2007.)

The biggest declines came on malls and strip retail, at -20 percent and -15 percent, respectively. Those sectors that held up better amid building COVID pressures were industrial, self-storage and healthcare with more modest declines of -5 percent. Green Street also acknowledges that exact numbers of value declines are “debatable” and difficult to calculate in a climate where pending deals have stalled or gone off the tracks all together.



MAY 29, 2020 – We have come a long way since the stock market bottomed on March 23rd and the Fed released an infinite amount of liquidity.  For 6+ weeks, the stock market traded in a narrow 10% range.  Then this week it finally broke above 25,000 on the DOW and has achieved the higher end of the rally targets.

Public sentiment has gone from the world ending in late March to bullish extremes that exceed the February all-time highs.  As I noted in March, the rally would wipe away all fears and it has.  Even Millennials have been turned on to day trading.  Gamblers with no sports to bet on but horse racing have also turned to day trading.  Robinhood is trending as they say nowadays.  Heck, even yours truly opened a Robinhood account to buy bitcoin with.  In a matter of minutes I owned some bitcoin.  Amazing how easy it is nowadays to open an account an invest.  Er, gamble.

I am glad I am on the sidelines still.  Corporate earnings will continue to decline the rest of this year.  Economic recovery will be in the shape of a Verizon swoosh that will take 2-3 years to see us get back to within say 20% of the prior peak.  But, with QE Infinity, asset prices might continue higher.

In the major 1973-1974 Bear Market, stocks dropped 45% while corporate earnings went up.  Regardless of what the Fake News Media tells the masses, there is no relationship between stock prices and underlying corporate earnings.  So, there is a chance this time around while earnings fall, stock prices may continue higher.  We shall see.  I am content holding my dividend stocks that are yielding 5%-8%.  If the prices go up, great.

As for real estate, it will be in to next year before we have an ample number of transactions to analyze.  Price discovery was made in April.  The market is just waiting for sellers to face reality and buyers to realize they won’t be getting major steals.  There is already some evidence that the price declines have begun to shrink.  As we move along the Verizon swoosh, we get closer and closer to recovery and thus prices slowly rise.

Also, there is talk that investors seeking any kind of yield in a zero percent interest rate environment will see that real estate cap rates of 4% and 5% and 6% and higher are exceptional.  There is literally TRILLIONS of dollars on the sideline waiting to be invested.  If some of it pours into real estate, cap rates will decline and prices increase.

The last 7 months of this year will be interesting to watch.

One last thought is in regard to what the stock market is forecasting.  As it projects out 6 months into the future, what has it told us.  First, something MAJOR is to occur around September.  What will that be is the question we should be focused on.  Possibilities I can think of…..the USA and IRAN get into a military conflict…..VP Biden drops out of the race due to a scandal or there being a true mental health issue (I am not saying there is one…..brainstorming things that would be a major shock is all)….or Trump dropping out for any reason (health or political).  We shall see what happens at the end of the Summer.

Also, six months out puts us past the November Election and the market is apparently happy as can be with the result of that event.  A Trump victory is the most obvious explanation for the stock market rising over the past 2 months.  If Trump loses, the market appears to be saying the two houses of government will remain split between the parties and thus gridlock will remain.  The stock market does not seem to give any chance to the Dems sweeping everything.

As a reminder, the DOW figure to watch is 23,377.  A close above that on October 31st suggests Trump wins.  Below that, he loses.  In February, when we were above 29,000 this figure didn’t seem pertinent.  Then we got down to 18,100 or such and again this figure was out of range.  But, now it has been in play constantly.  We are 5 months away from decision time.  A LOT will happen in that time.

I will close with my newest pet peeve:)  I must have a million of them by now, lol.  I am so, so sick of companies airing commercials about how great they are for helping people out during this crisis.  People hate people that brag about themselves.  Companies need to STFU and just give back as they can and they will get recognition from those that receive their generosity and word-of-mouth will take care of the rest.  But, we’re Amazon and we are so great for giving this amount and we’re Apple and blah blah blah.  Save the money you spend on commercials patting yourselves on the back and spend it on the people and entities that need help.

On the subject of commercials.  Do people actually buy something because they see a commercial?  I have never done that.  Do people actually click ads that pop up on a website?  I have never done that!  In fact, I cannot remember ever seeing an ad on Amazon or Facebook or Youtube or Dropbox or anything.  I have used every website for free for 20+ years now and never once clicked an ad or really I cannot even recall seeing an ad.  I have always wondered how Facebook and Twitter and YouTube make money.  Oh well, label me clueless:)

ADD JUNE 4 – Oh gaws, does every company and organization need to put out a public memo saying they aren’t into racism.  Geez, I didn’t know that.  I was certain that Apple and others have in their Personnel Handbook that that are into being racist.  This news is truly shocking to me.  I am so glad they made this announcement.  Time to go to the porcelain altar.  What a bunch of loser lemmings.

Oh, one other item.  Please do not listen to the Fake News Media and politicians that will be saying this Fall and Winter that the increase in COVID-19 cases is because we opened too early.  When you hear such, just say BS!  Those increases will surely happen.  Our re-opening (I am so happy to be in South Carolina – we were last to close and first to open….you don’t mess with our liberties in the South!) is well planned and needed and will not be the cause of the second wave …or possibly a third wave next Spring.  But, I guarantee the Fake News Media and let’s just say it out loud, the Dems, will blame any increases on reopening too early.  Of course, they won’t be talking about the majority of cases now and then being in their jurisdictions.

I would place a bet that in 5 or 10 years there will be evidence that more people will have died from the lockdown than from the virus itself.  The damage to the income and wealth generation of Gen Y will far exceed what the virus cost us.  Poor Millennials/Gen Y, they just weren’t meant to have a good existence on this rock.  But, when you are the first years of The Dark Ages II, you know you will have a brutal time of it.  But, not near as bad as generations 100 and 200 years from now.

I will talk about real estate and stocks down the road as things perk up.  We are just past the period of chaos.  Now we live out the long, slow recovery.  Which can still have some downside here and there in various sectors and markets.  Not everyone is going to be seeing improvement.

Thanks again to everyone that is sharing information with me.  I really appreciate it.  It has been very beneficial over the past 3 months for sure.

Please stay safe.  Over 330 million Americans have NOT got COVID-19!  Quoting the title of one of my favorite rock songs by Halestorm, Here’s To Us!

The Mann


MAY 29, 2020 – Validations are the little known and little used product that get overlooked in the world of Appraisals and Evaluations.  The December 2010 Interagency Appraisals and Evaluations Guidelines (IAEG) document has the following section that addresses Validations:

XIV. Validity of Appraisals and Evaluations
The Agencies allow an institution to use an existing appraisal or evaluation to support a subsequent transaction in certain circumstances. Therefore, an institution should establish criteria for assessing whether an existing appraisal or evaluation continues to reflect the market value of the property (that is, remains valid). Such criteria will vary depending upon the condition of the property and the marketplace, and the nature of the transaction. The documentation in the credit file should provide the facts and analysis to support the institution’s conclusion that the existing appraisal or evaluation may be used in the subsequent transaction. A new appraisal or evaluation is necessary if the originally reported market value has changed due to factors such as:
 Passage of time.
 Volatility of the local market.
 Changes in terms and availability of financing.
 Natural disasters.
 Limited or over supply of competing properties.
 Improvements to the subject property or competing properties.
 Lack of maintenance of the subject or competing properties.
 Changes in underlying economic and market assumptions, such as capitalization rates and lease terms.
 Changes in zoning, building materials, or technology.
 Environmental contamination.

Validations answer one simple question – is the value of the real estate collateral equal to or greater than the value in a prior Appraisal or Evaluation?  If so, then that value can be brought up to today.  If not, then a new Appraisal or Evaluation is needed.

Validations are useful in level to rising markets.  They are not very useful in the current market conditions.

However, not all property types have experienced a value decline this year.  In general, industrial properties and national tenant leased properties where the tenant has a bond rating A and above, are still candidates for Validations.  Apartments might be depending on the age of the prior Appraisal or Evaluation and the property location.

I have updated the Validation Report that I originally developed in 1994.  This report is intended to be used by internal bank employees.  It is not for use by fee appraisers, as it does not comply with USPAP.  If you are a bank employee and want a copy of my report template, just email me at GeorgeRMann@Aol.Com.  I will send it to you for free:)

It took me 25 years to finally get Evaluations to be mainstream.  Validations are next.  They are under utilized.  Albeit, today’s market is not ideal for them.  But, we will get back to market conditions where they are useful again.  My plan is to design a Restricted Appraisal Report (RAR) specific to the Validations need for fee appraisers to use.  But, at this time, this is not needed for the most part.

Again, bank staff please contact me if you want a copy of my template.

Everyone stay safe.

The Mann